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  • TheraVet reported financial results for the first half of 2022. Turnover was EUR 42,753 ($42,700), compared with EUR 1,943 at the end of June 2021 and EUR 12,348 for the whole of 2021. Other operating income was EUR 16 million, a 9% year-on-year increase. Net loss was EUR(1.2) million, compared to a net loss of EUR(770,282) a year ago.  (Businesswire)

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  • Merck Animal Health announced the domestic launch of Nobivac Intra-Trac Oral BbPi, the first oral Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus vaccine with mucosal protection. The product – which employs the novel technology of the Immuno-Mist-R applicator – is administered by gently misting the vaccine orally towards the back of the mouth.  (DVM360)
  • Zoetis announced it has agreed to a deal with AVet Health for the divestiture of certain intramammary products as part of its acquisition of Jurox. Financial terms were not disclosed. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)
  • Mitsui & Co., Ltd. announced it has agreed to acquire 29.44% of shares in the Brazilian animal health firm Ouro Fino Saúde Animal ParticipaçõesA. Financial terms were not disclosed. (Marketscreener)
  • Vetoquinol USA announced that the Phovia dermatology system is now available to equine veterinarians. (company press release)
  • Heska Corporation announced a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the share capital of MBio Diagnostics, Inc. d/b/a LightDeck Diagnostics for a purchase price of $38.7 million. LightDeck has developed a scalable and innovative platform for rapid and accurate point of care diagnostics. (Seekingalpha)
  • Antech Diagnostics and Vidium Animal Health announced that Antech is now an authorized reseller of Vidium’s SearchLight DNA test in the US and Canada. SearchLight DNA is a genomic test that analyzes the DNA of a dog’s tumor cells and identifies mutations that aid the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer, as well as guide treatment decisions. (PRnewswire)
  • Zomedica announced the commercial launch of its newest assay, Free T4 (fT4), for the TRUFORMA In-Clinic Biosensor Testing Platform. (company website)
  • Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. and the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine announced the signing of a research agreement to advance vaccine research and discovery for animal diseases with agricultural biosecurity implications. Primarily, the Agreement seeks to combine LinearDNA as a platform for rapid drug development with CUCVM’s expertise in viral vector design to advance a differentiated approach to animal vaccine development for infectious diseases. (Businesswire)
  • PetDesk announced it has partnered with Evergreen Podcasts to create a new podcast. Simple, Interrupted: Surviving Radical Vet Industry Changes will cover topics such as Recruitment, Team Training, and Clinic Culture that will help aid in developing a CareFirst Approach. (newswire)
  • Antelope, a pet wellness platform focused on delivering natural pet products and services, has announced its acquisition of Ark Naturals Company, a pet health and wellness brand. Ark Naturals will continue to operate under its brand name. Financial terms were not disclosed. (Pet Business)
  • Portland Pet Food Company (PPFC) announced it is expanding its online distribution presence through a partnership with PetMed Express, making selected PPFC products available on the 1800-PetMeds website. (Pet Age)
  • UK Swedish pet food manufacturer Voff announced it has acquired Scottish dog treats company Nova. Financial terms were not disclosed. (Globalpets)
  • UK Leeds-based veterinary group, Eville & Jones, (E&J) announced it has completed the acquisition of the Vorenta Group, which includes HallMark Veterinary and Compliance Services, and Meat and Livestock Commercial Services Ltd (MLCSL). The combined group will have a team of about 1,200 people based throughout the UK and a turnover of more than GBP 50 million ($57 million). Financial terms were not disclosed. (com)

















  • US – MUMS ELIGIBILITY The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine announced that it is taking steps to help increase the availability of novel treatments for rare diseases and conditions in dogs and cats, also known as minor use drugs.  Because the overall number of dogs and cats have increased, the FDA is increasing the threshold of “small numbers” that helps a medicine qualify as a minor use: for dogs, the new threshold is 80,000 cases annually (up from 70,000); for cats, the number increased from 120,000 to 150,000 cases annually. (FDA)
  • INDIA – LUMPY SKIN DISEASE The Indian government announced the launch of the Lumpi-ProVacInd vaccine, a new indigenous vaccine for lumpy skin disease (LSD). The vaccine was developed by the National Research Centre on Equines and the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The live attenuated, homologous vaccine is set to enter commercialization in the next four to five months. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)
  • US – GENETIC SCREENING The Comparative Genetics and Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Veterinary Medicine announced that it now offers genetic testing for risk of cruciate ligament rupture in pure-bred Labrador Retrievers. The test requires only a cheek swab that can be collected at home or a small blood sample.  The research team is now working to extend the development of predictive genetic testing to other breeds with a high risk of cruciate rupture. (
  • US – VETERINARY WELL-BEING The Veterinary Hope Foundation announced a partnership with Greenline Pet, a veterinary software company, and Bader Rutter, a full-service advertising agency specializing in the veterinary channel, to bring the first-ever client donation payment system to veterinary clinics. Donations made through the Greenline system will go toward funding the Veterinary Hope Foundation’s mission of improving veterinary team mental health by building small communities of support. Donations will help to fund the delivery of six-week professionally facilitated peer support groups that help veterinary professionals better handle the unique stressors of their profession. (foundation press release)

It was with sorrow we learned of the passing of Queen Elizabeth last week , a long and fruitful life in service to her country and countrymen. As an American, you grow up and are taught certain ideas about the British Monarchy and its role. But after living under the constitutional monarchy under the Queen, both in Australia and The United Kingdom, I gained a greater understanding and appreciation of the positive things they present.

And while I was in the UK, I quickly learned how adamant a supporter of Agriculture the Queen was. Of course well known for her love of horse racing, what was not well understood or appreciated was her steadfast support for farming and the ‘countryside’. She served on various Agricultural societies including the Young Farmers Clubs and The Great Yorkshire Show, a large agriculture event. UK farming will miss her steadfast loyalty and support.

Unlike Queen Elizabeth, many of our leaders across the world today do not really understand agriculture and its critical role in feeding the world and national security. They are too willing to trade off farming requirements for ‘green’ initiatives that many times inevitably damage or restrict farmer’s abilities to supply food to feed the world. For example, The Netherlands, a country that is twice the size of New Jersey, happens to be the 2nd largest exporter of agricultural products in the world, behind the USA. Recent ‘green’ legislation passed by their government aims to reduce the number of farms by half, believing that this will benefit climate change. So now what? Where does the production go? And what about the loss of the farming industry? This could easily happen here; just look at California.

Recently the FDA announced its intent to open a dialogue on how to deal with ‘environmental claims’ on pharmaceutical products. We as an industry need to be very careful in how we address this issue as it may become a Pandora’s box. In principle, our products are developed to prevent or treat diseases. While some products may have collateral environmental benefits, if a pathway is developed to support such a claim, it may in fact be desirable. But it may end up being a future standard that does not fit all products, and even may be retroactively required of all. Be careful!

Paul Casady


Last week, we asked if you believe your customers are feeling more secure to increase their pet spending.  55% of you said no; 10% said yes; and 27% said yes; somewhat.  The rest weren’t sure.  Sounds like our industry’s short-term outlook is pretty pessimistic – it might not be great news for those struggling to meet 2022 sales budgets.

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