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  • Virbac SA reported financial results for the third quarter of 2022. Revenue was EUR 305 million ($298 million), an increase of 6% compared to the prior-year quarter (flat at constant exchange rates). (company website)
  • Nestlé reported sales for the first nine months of 2022. Petcare sales were CHF 13,211 million ($13,152 million), a year-over-year increase of 16% (real internal growth of 5%). (company website)
  • Orion reported results for the third quarter of 2022. Animal health sales were EUR 34.4 million ($33.7 million), an increase of 113% due in part to the addition of Belgian company VMD in June 2022. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)


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  • Merck Animal Health announced the U.S. launch of Animo GPS, an activity and behavior monitor for dogs with GPS tracking capabilities. The product can alert pet owners within 20 seconds if their dog leaves its designated “Safe Zone” and offers real-time tracking with location updates. The lightweight Animo GPS is fully water-resistant and responsive in all weather conditions, and securely fastens onto a dog’s collar. (PRnewswire)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim announced the launch of SoundTalks, its proprietary barn monitoring technology, which offers swine producers a new tool to detect and respond to respiratory disease up to five days earlier than conventional methods. SoundTalks uses sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence combined with always-on, in-barn audio monitoring to provide continuous, objective health data. (Feedstuffs – subscription)
  • Mars Petcare announced a collaboration with UK technology start-up Synomics to develop canine disease risk prediction models. Synomics will utilize its technology to analyze Mars’ anonymized canine datasets to develop scoring models that will enable deeper insight into pet genetic health, predispositions and the risk of it developing various diseases. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)
  • Chewy, Inc. announced it is expanding CarePlus, its exclusive suite of insurance and wellness offerings, with the addition of new plans provided by Lemonade Pet Insurance. (company press release)
  • Ardent Animal Health, a Breakthru Investment Portfolio Company, has completed a license agreement for a novel checkpoint inhibitor cancer treatment for dogs developed by researchers from the University of Minnesota College of Medicine. The treatment is designed to act as a catalyst for the current suite of cancer products in the Ardent pipeline. (PRweb)
  • Axiota Animal Health announced a development and licensing agreement with Resilient Biotics, a company pioneering new microbiome-based animal products. The agreement grants Axiota exclusive global rights to Resilient Biotics’ proprietary treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and further collaboration with Resilient Biotics for additional product development and commercialization of important indications in the global cattle market. As part of the collaboration, Axiota also made a direct investment in Resilient Biotics and anticipates a multi-year effort to develop a portfolio of new products. (Feedstuffs – subscription)
  • Wilbur-Ellis and private equity firm Advent International announced they will merge their life sciences and specialty chemicals businesses. The transaction will form a group with combined sales of around EUR 3 billion ($2.9 billion). The financial terms were not disclosed. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)
  • TKO Miller announced the sale of Animix, LLC, a supplier of water-dispersible premixes, supplements, and ingredients to the animal milk replacer industry, to Benford Capital Partners. Financial terms were not disclosed. (PRNewswire)
  • Labby announced the launch of MilKey, its mastitis testing platform. MilKey uses portable spectrometer technology that harnesses light scattering, absorption and fluorescence to measure fat, protein and somatic cell count in milk. The company has an in-line version of its technology for robotic farms and a hand-held analyzer. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)
  • Pet King Brands announced the addition of three products for ear and skin condition relief in cats and kittens: Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution with 0.5% hydrocortisone; Zymox Enzymatic Ear Cleanser; and the Zymox Enzymatic Topical Cream with 0.5% hydrocortisone. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)
  • BARK announced the expansion of its breed-specific food offering to include seven additional breeds plus puppy formulas. The new additions follow an initial rollout of premium kibble, supplements, broths, toppers and treats tailored to Chihuahuas, Labs and Pit Bulls in August. (Pet Business)
  • Essentials PetCare, a company that operates veterinary clinics offering convenient and affordable preventative and minor illness care, is launching a new satellite clinic model at select Walmart stores, company officials reported. Established animal hospitals can open Essentials PetCare satellite clinics at Walmart by licensing Essentials PetCare’s business model through EPC Squared, its partner clinic program. (Pet Product News)
  • FRANCE Virbac announced plans for a new production site located in Nîmes, France.  Virbac currently contracts out certain production stages of its Veterinary HPM line to three French suppliers and coats and packages the finished product at its Virbac Nutrition facility in Vauvert, France. The new facility will strive to bring all production for the Veterinary HPM line, from raw materials to finished product, under one roof. Virbac plans to maintain a portion of its subcontract partnerships to help with fluctuations in consumer demand. (PetfoodProcessing – subscription)
  • JAPAN Spanish company Bioiberica announced it has partnered with feed ingredient suppliers Aska Animal Health Co and Shintoa Corporation to distribute its Nucleoforce range of products, and evenutally its Palbio portfolio, in Japan.  (Feednavigator – subscription)
  • IRELAND Ag announced it has acquired Dublin-based livestock monitoring start-up Cainthus. The acquisition adds Cainthus’ artificial intelligence-powered imaging technology for analyzing dairy operations to Ever.Ag’s portfolio of dairy farm intelligence products.  Financial terms were not disclosed. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)
  • SWEDEN CombiGene has halted development of a gene therapy for canine epilepsy. The company gained the project when it acquired Panion Animal Health in 2019; Panion had licensed the rights to the CG01 therapy from CombiGene, which was developing the candidate for human neurological disorders. However, CombiGene licensed CG01 to Spark Therapeutics in 2021 and is consequently no longer pursuing the project. (IHS Markit Connect – subscription)



  • US – FDA GUIDANCE The FDA issued two final guidance documents that will help manufacturers of animal cells, tissues, and cell- and tissue-based products (ACTPs) understand current good manufacturing practice requirements (CGMP) for new animal drugs under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Guidance #253, “Current Good Manufacturing Practice for Animal Cells, Tissues, and Cell- and Tissue-Based Products,” provides manufacturers of ACTPs with recommendations for meeting requirements for CGMP. Guidance #254, “Donor Eligibility for Animal Cells, Tissues, and Cell- and Tissue-Based Products,” assists sponsors, firms or establishments that participate in the manufacture of ACTPs or perform any aspect of the ACTP donor eligibility determination. (FDA)
  • WORLD – ONE HEALTH A new One Health Joint Plan of Action was launched by the Quadripartite – the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE). This first joint plan on One Health aims to create a framework to integrate systems and capacity so that we can collectively better prevent, predict, detect, and respond to health threats. (int)

The announcement of the One Health Joint Plan of Action (OHJPOA) by the four health-related global NGOs should help guide our collective efforts to prevent or reduce the impact of pandemics and epidemics in animals and humans.  This five-year plan (2022-2026) focuses on supporting and expanding capacities in six areas: One Health capacities for health systems, emerging and re-emerging zoonotic epidemics, endemic zoonotic, neglected tropical and vector-borne diseases, food safety risks, antimicrobial resistance and the environment.

Oddly, innovation is mentioned only a few times as one of the actions and deliverables of the OHJPOA.  Universities and companies with R&D teams in animal health space should play a key role in developing innovations in vaccines, diagnostics, and technologies but they need the right incentives to conduct this research.  Money spent on R&D for pandemic and endemic diseases needs to generate a return.  Perhaps the four NGOs will help with incentives – I am confident we have the innovative capabilities in the animal health industry, especially with some of the exciting new animal vaccine technologies on the horizon.

Bob Jones


Last week, we asked about Solensia, Zoetis’s new once-monthly injectable monoclonal antibody for the control of pain caused by osteoarthritis in cats, reaching blockbuster status ($100 M) in five years.  Almost two thirds of respondents thought it would – we are pretty confident it will too.

There are several announcements of pet and livestock technologies in today’s News & Notes that deal with collecting data, tracking and artificial intelligence.  All these companies’ technologies collect and store data about their customers animals, which brings up the issue of data ownership and privacy.

For this week’s question, let’s see what you think about data privacy.

In general, how concerned are you with the privacy of data collected on pets and farm animals and their owners?

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