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Is your company up-to-date on the latest trends in this important category? New, innovative products like LIBRELA and SOLENSIA are changing the pain management paradigm.

Brakke Consulting’s annual report on Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats includes such valuable information as:

  • estimates of US sales and prices of leading products
  • review of new and upcoming pain management products, including monoclonal antibody products SOLENSIA and LIBRELA
  • discussion of the use of cannabinoids in veterinary pain management
  • 2024 survey of 300 small animal veterinarians regarding use of pain management products

Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats 2024 can be purchased for $7,995 if ordered by April 12, 2024, and $8,995 thereafter. The report will be completed in May. Questions about the study can be answered by project manager Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA at


  • Neogen Corporation announced results for the third quarter ended February 29, 2024. Revenues were $229 million, an increase of 5% compared to the prior year. Net loss was $(2.0) million, compared to net income of $8.2 million in the prior-year period. Revenues for the Animal Safety segment were $71 million in the third quarter, an increase of 6.5% compared to the prior year. (company press release)
  • Animalcare Group reported results for the full year 2023. Revenue was GBP 74.4 million ($94 million), up from GBP 71.6 million in 2022. Reported profit before tax was GBP 3.5 million ($4.4 million), up from GBP 2.5 million the previous year. (com)
  • Inspire Veterinary Partners, Inc. reported financial results for the full year 2023. Total revenue was $16.7 million, an increase of 70% compared to the prior year period, driven by an increase in sales in both Service and Product revenue which were significantly positively impacted by acquisitions. Net loss was $(14.8) million for the first twelve months of 2023 compared to a net loss of $(4.9) million for the prior year period. (com)

Animal Health Jobs
Announcing the 3rd Annual Attitude Survey
We want to hear from you!

Animal Health Jobs is excited to announce the 3rd Annual Attitude Survey for the Animal Health and Nutrition Industry.  At Animal Health Jobs, we value your insights into the animal health and nutrition industry. Your opinion is valuable in helping us understand the attitudes and trends within our great industry.

The survey is short and will only take you a few minutes to complete; and all responses will be kept confidential.  To say thank you for taking the time to contribute to our research, respondents will be entered into a sweepstakes for Amazon gift cards.

The survey is open now through May 17th.  A white paper with the results of the survey will be published by the end of June.

To take part in the survey, please click here.


  • The FDA announced the approval of Elanco‘s Pradalex (pradofloxacin injection) solution for bovine respiratory disease (BRD) swine respiratory disease (SRD). Pradalex is a third generation fluoroquinolone administered as a single injection. (FDA)
  • Merck Animal Health announced the introduction of Flocksecure poultry health portal, a web-based platform solution designed for the broiler industry to capture, maintain, distribute and analyze data from post-mortem sessions. (company press release)
  • Antech announced the availability of two new innovations: the AIS RapidRead to enable faster interpretations of radiographs and the in-house Nu.Q Canine Cancer Test. (company press release)
  • MetLife Pet Insurance shared the news that it entered a collaboration with the Association of Animal Welfare Advancements (AAWA) to create and produce blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and other content mediums that highlights issues pet parents face surrounding access to veterinary care. (DVM360)
  • Cuddlytails announced the launch of its 24/7 online vet-chat service. The latest expansion adds a new communication and care option for pet parents, allowing them to interact directly with a licensed veterinarian whenever they need. The service Offers both one-time chats and a monthly subscription option. (Pet Business)



  • US – BOVINE INFLUENZA After collaborating with veterinarians, allied organizations, state and federal agencies, diagnostic laboratories and animal health officials on the 2024 emerging disease event affecting dairy cattle, the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) will reference the newly emerging cattle disease that has stemmed from highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) as Bovine Influenza A Virus. The virus causes highly pathogenic avian influenza in birds, however the disease syndrome in cattle does not cause high morbidity or mortality as it does in birds. The AABP does not believe that this disease should be referenced as ‘HPAI in cattle’ or ‘bird flu in cattle’ due to these differences. (Feedstuffs)
  • US – DRUG REGULATION The FDA announced that, as required by amendments in the Animal Drug User Fee Act and Animal Generic Drug User Fee Act of 2018, the statement “Approved by FDA” must appear on the labeling of approved animal drugs in the marketplace. The labeling for Type A medicated articles (animal drugs that are used to manufacture medicated feeds) is also required to have the “Approved by FDA” statement.  (Feedstuffs)
  • US – FELINE GUIDELINES The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) announced the release of new guidelines on the long-term use of NSAIDs in cats. Available for free at available free to read for veterinary professionals worldwide on the AAFP website at com/nsaids, the 2024 ISFM and AAFP Consensus Guidelines on the Long-term Use of NSAIDs in Cats supports practitioners with decision-making around prescribing NSAIDs in situations of chronic pain to minimize adverse effects and optimize pain management for their feline patients. (association press release)
  • WORLD – VACCINATION GUIDELINES The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has updated its Global Vaccination Guidelines, which set out the latest scientific thinking on the vaccination of dogs and cats globally. The Guidelines are now available for free download from the WSAVA website.  (association press release)
  • US – PET INSURANCE The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) released its 2024 State of the Industry Report showing the North American pet health insurance sector grew 22% in 2023, exceeded the $4 billion mark in total premiums sold and over 6.25 million pets insured. (association press release)
  • US – ASV RESEARCH The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research awarded a $1 million Seeding Solutions grant to Kansas State University to develop safe and rapidly deployable vaccines to prevent African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV). Elanco Animal Health, K-State, Kansas State University Innovation Partners and MEDIAN Diagnostics, Inc. provided matching funds for a $2,645,427 total investment. ASFV was recently detected in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. (Feedstuffs)

I am writing this in the early days of April, but we are finishing now the period of what we call ‘March Madness’ for the college basketball championship tournament period. For me, one of the most exciting sports events of the year. It’s always especially interesting to see who the ‘Cinderella team’ turns out to be (hopefully the NIL and transfer portal will not damage this event, but I have my concerns).

Every year it seems that a group of people start believing in themselves, so much so that they overcome all odds to defeat teams that appear better, at least on paper. And from my view, this starts with the coach who is inspirational, but also helps the players perform at their best levels with a clear winning strategy. How about you and your company? Are you that sort of leader, and does your company provide that leadership?

‘March Madness’ also occurs in business, when we look at performance at the end of Q1 (March) and compared to budget: you are either ahead (good conservative planning), on target (lucky), or behind (oops). And if you are in a publicly traded company, the noise starts, both positive and negative.

How are you doing at the end of Q1? Do you have a realistic plan the rest of the way?

Paul Casady
Last week, we asked for your predictions for the NCAA basketball championships. In the women’s championship, most of you (61%) thought that Iowa would win, and 14% thought it would be UConn; 24% chose correctly that South Carolina would be the champions.  You did better with the men: 49% chose the ultimate champions, UConn; 35% chose Purdue; and 16% chose North Carolina State.

As far as viewership, 59% thought more fans would tune into the men’s championship game, and 41% said the women’s game would prevail. In fact, for the first time in history, more people watched the women’s championship between Iowa and South Carolina (average of 18.7 million) than the men’s game between UConn and Purdue (14.8 million); and the women’s game viewership peaked at 24 million.  NCAA women’s basketball will miss you, Caitlin Clark.

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What is your prediction for the growth in the animal health industry in the first quarter of 2024?

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