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Happy New Year!  For most of you, this was your first week back at work after, hopefully, a chance to catch your breath at the end of a crazy 2021 COVID year.  But after reading about what is happening in the animal health industry in just the first week of 2022, I almost feel out of breath.  The deals, acquisitions, approvals and launches all seem to have started the year at a rather fast pace.

And at the start of every year, the Brakke Consulting team reflects on the prior year in its Industry Overview, held at VMX and WVC, which is described above.  This is our opportunity to slow the pace down and summarize what we think mattered in the animal health industry and what changes we think are ahead.  And it is a chance for attendees to hear how fast the top companies in the global animal health industry grew and to plan for 2022.

Our initial estimates of growth indicate that the crazy COVID year of 2021 will be one to remember.  Despite the challenges of the supply chain, lockdowns, sales call restrictions, our animal health industry will record uniquely strong performance over 2020.  We hope to see you at one of the two presentations of the Industry Overview.

Bob Jones


I am sure you all think 2021 was a year with strong growth over 2020, but what about 2022?  There are plenty of unknowns ahead, especially COVID-related, but despite the headwinds, last year quite successful.  Let’s see how optimistic you are at the beginning of 2022…

Compared to growth rates seen in the animal health industry 2021, I expect the growth rates in 2022 will be…

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