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Cedus, Inc., an early stage development company with laboratories in Fort Collins, CO, has appointed Brakke Consulting, Inc. of Dallas, TX, as its exclusive agent for their new platform technology, GnRH conjugate, which is  designed to provide a single injection permanent sterilization solution for either gender of dogs, cats, and horses.  Ron Brakke, President of Brakke Consulting, says, “This recombinant GnRH conjugate has the potential to become one of the largest, most important products for the veterinary pharmaceutical market.” 

“We are pleased to have Brakke Consulting on the Cedus team to assist us in finding a partner for the further development and commercialization of this newly patented technology,” says Kevin Scott, CEO of Cedus, Inc. 

For additional information on this new technology, contact Ronald S. Brakke at (972) 243-4033 at Brakke Consulting or email RBrakke(@)

About Brakke Consulting
For more than 28 years, Brakke Consulting has offered comprehensive solutions for the animal health industry, including international marketing, new business development, product evaluation, and distribution strategies. The company is known for its syndicated market studies, providing strategic and timely information for the industry, and its customized recruiting services.

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