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What products and brands do horse owners buy?  How often?  From whom?  How much do they spend?  Who and what influences their decisions for your product category?  How does purchasing behavior vary from country to country?  How your market share compare to your competitors’?

You will learn the answers to these questions and more from a new study, the Global Equine Animal Health Market, a comprehensive study of horse owner buying and decision-making behavior in seven major horse-owning countries.  Countries include Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and UK.

This new global study is the perfect complement to the recently published Equine Market MegaStudy covering the US market.

The global study will be fielded in May, with completion by Aug. 15.  Companies that order by April 15 and pay in advance receive a $1,000 early-order discount.  Advance purchasers also have an opportunity to review the questionnaire and brand lists prior to fielding the study. Companies that purchased the 2014 Equine Market MegaStudy will receive an additional $1,000 discount on the global study.  Upon publication, the price of the study to new subscribers is $29,000.

Based on samples of 100 to 200 horse owners per country, the report examines purchasing frequency by brand and by type of outlet, including veterinarians, Internet and catalog suppliers, and brick-and-mortar retail outlets.

Purchases by brand.  The study tracks purchases of individual brands in these categories:

 • Dewormers
 • Insect control
 • Liniments, other muscle treatments
 • Joint therapy
 • Ulcer prevention, treatment
 • Wound care
 • Vaccines
 • Pain management, other medications
The study also measures utilization of publications, websites, social media and catalogs, and provides information on horse owner demographics.

In short, Global Equine Animal Health Market from Brakke and Ipsos is a valuable tool for any company that provides products or services to the global equine industry, or contemplates doing so in the future. 

For more information contact: 

John Volk, Senior Consultant, Brakke Consulting, Inc.854 W. Belden Ave., Chicago, IL 60614; (773) 327-4941; or Colin Siren, Vice President, Ipsos Agriculture and Animal Health, 100 Stone Road West, Suite 303, Guelph, ON, N1G 5L3; (519) 780-4703.

Brakke Consulting, Inc., is a Dallas-based management consulting firm specializing in the animal health and nutrition industries.  Ipsos Agriculture and Animal Health is a leading global market research firm focused on animal health and nutrition.
Brakke and Ipsos reserve the right to delay or cancel the study if it is insufficiently subscribed.

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