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Ron Brakke, chief executive of Brakke Consulting, has been awarded the annual Kansas City Animal Health Corridor  (KCAHC)’s Iron Paw award in recognition of his six decades of work in the animal health industry.
Mr Brakke received the award at last week’s annual Kansas City Homecoming Dinner, which celebrates the animal health sector.

He first got into the animal health business when working part-time making rat bait for Sioux Nations Veterinary Supply in Sioux Falls.

According to the KCAHC: “Within a year he became a full-time distributor sales rep calling on animal health outlets in Iowa and Minnesota while completing his degree in biology. In 1963, Ron joined the over-the-counter division of Diamond Labs and moved to Oklahoma City where he called on feedlots and dealers in a six-state territory.”

In 1966, Mr Brakke joined Thuron Industries in Dallas, Texas which later became the Animal Health Division of Zoecon. Here, he became president in 1975. During his tenure at Zoecon, revenues increased from $15 million to $125m by 1983. By this time, the company had become the premier supplier of insecticide products to pet owners and livestock producers.

Zoecon was sold to Sandoz in 1983, and Mr Brakke left the firm in 1985. At this point, he created his own consulting company with a specialist view on animal health.

Consultancy and KC work

Dallas-based Brakke Consulting now comprises a team of 12 highly-experienced consultants and has a client list from around the world. The firm provides services including executive search, M&A due diligence, market research and industry information, management problem-solving and veterinary practice management.

The KCAHC citation said: “Ron Brakke is considered one of the most knowledgeable and respected executives in the animal health industry. He is the principal author of Brakke Consulting’s annual overview of the animal health Industry presented to executives, investors and agencies.”

Despite being a native of South Dakota, Mr Brakke has several ties to the Kansas City region. He assisted in the creation of the first KC Animal Health Investment Forum in 2009, while he also served on the Advisory Board for the Corridor from its founding in 2006 until 2013.

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Authored by Joseph Harvey
Published in Animal Pharm: 04 September 2014 
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