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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for December 29, 2011
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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM MBA
Dear Subscribers:
We hope that all of you are enjoying the holidays.  2011 has been a very busy year in the animal health industry with many changes.  We would anticipate similar activity in 2012 which should keep everyone busy; keep pace.
Happy New Year!!
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Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes
12-11 Spectrum Brands acquires FURminator
12-11 AgriLabs launches ProLabs division dedicated to the OTC market
11-11 Virbac and Schweitzer Biotech announce a strategic alliance in the Chinese vaccine market
11-11 IDEXX acquires RADIL laboratory business of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine
10-11 AAHA acquires My Veterinary Career
10-11 Prinova USA forms Prinova Animal Health
10-11 Prince Agri Products acquires Animate from Granco Minerals
10-11 Ceva acquires Vetech Laboratories and CentaurVA Animal Health
9-11  Imperial Capital Group acquires Nutri-Vet
9-11  MWI acquires Micro Beef Technologies
9-11  Vaxxinova Japan acquires the biologicals business of GHEN
9-11  Pet Airways partners with Veterinary Pet Insurance
9-11  IDEXX acquires DVMInsight
9-11  Pfizer announces Chinese joint venture with Jilin Guoyan Animal Health
8-11  Quaker Pet Group acquires Watson’s Senior Pet Supplies
8-11  OtoVet acquires Medrx veterinary video-otoscopic equipment
8-11  Webster acquires American Veterinary Supply Corporation
8-11  Bimeda acquires Phibro division Assin Ltd in Kenya
8-11  Ceva acquires Instituto Sanidad Ganadera in Argentina
8-11  Cargill acquires Provimi
8-11  Mistral Equity Partners acquires Worldwise
8-11  For The Earth acquires Prestige Pet Products and Kat Box King
8-11  Petmate acquires Kennel-Aire
8-11  Petco acquires Complete Petmart
7-11  Zydus acquires Bremer Pharma
7-11  Bimeda forms joint venture with Shijiazhuang Rainbow Laboratories in China
7-11  Ceva forms joint venture with CAF Huadu Group in China
7-11  VCA Antech acquires MediMedia Animal Health (VetStreet)
7-11  VCA Antech acquires BrightHeart Veterinary Centers
6-11  Garmin acquires Tri-Tronics
6-11  Intervet/Schering-Plough announces new name of Merck Animal Health
6-11  Neogen acquires VeroMara seafood testing laboratory
6-11  Hendrix Genetics acquires Lithgows’ Landcatch salmon breeding operations
6-11  ADM Alliance Nutrition acquires Cattleman’s Choice Loomix
6-11  Vetoquinol acquires Farmagricola in Brazil
5-11  Balance Agri-Nutrients, Seales, and Winslow Feeds and Nutrition form joint venture
5-11  Bimeda acquires majority share of Mogivet Farmaceutica in Brazil
5-11  Sumitomo and Unicharm form joint venture to include investment in Hartz Mountain
5-11  Allflex acquires Destron Fearing from Digital Angel
5-11  Manna Pro acquires Corona and Horseman’s Dream animal care brands from Summit Industries
5-11  Church & Dwight acquires Feline Pine cat litter from Nature’s Earth Products
4-11  Intrexon launches Animal Science Division
4-11  Groupe Grimaud and Newsham Choice Genetics announce joint venture with Pen Ar Lan
4-11  Cody Ventures Corp. acquires Paw4mance Pet Products
3-11  Merial and Intervet/Schering-Plough terminate joint venture discussions
3-11  MWI acquires Nelson Laboratories
3-11  Advent International acquires Provimi’s Pet Food division
3-11  Elanco acquires Janssen Animal Health
3-11  Lextron and Leonard Green acquire Animal Health International
3-11  Pfizer acquires King Pharmaceuticals (and Alpharma Animal Health subsidiary)
3-11  MidOcean acquires equity position in FreshPet
2-11  Monsanto acquires Divergence
2-11  Lixit Corp acquires Equitex
2-11  Quaker Pet Group acquires Sherpa Pet Group
2-11  Butler Schein acquires majority interest in McAllister Software Systems
2-11  Nutreco acquires Shihai Co. Ltd.
1-11  Wind Point Partners acquires Doskocil Manufacturing
1-11  Kemin announces the formation of Kemin Vet Innovations
1-11  DuPont acquires Danisco
1-11  H.I.G. Capital acquires majority interest in Pro-Pet LLC.
1-11  Marshall Pet Products acquires Earth’s Balance
12-11 Abaxis receives USDA approval for feline use for its VetScan Canine Heartworm Antigen Test
12-11 Abaxis launches a new quantitative Lyme Disease antibody reference laboratory test
12-11 Virbac receives FDA approval for Easotic canine otitis treatment
12-11 NDI launches GaitCheck equine lameness diagnostic
12-11 PDx BioTech launches OraStrip QuickCheck Canine periodontal disease test
12-11 Freedom Health re-launches Succeed Equine Fecal Blood Test
12-11 Purina launches Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge horse feed
12-11 Hubbard Feeds launches Hubbard Life feeds for dogs, cats, horses and poultry
12-11 Modern Veterinary Therapeutics launches FIP Virus Antibody Test Kit
12-11 VPL launches Duralactin Feline Joint Plus Paste
12-11 Bayer launches Lost Pet Alert Network
12-11 Merial receives FDA approval for Longrange (eprinomectin) 100-day parasite treatment
12-11 Pfizer relaunches Restor-A-Flex joint supplement
11-11 FlavoRx launches Digital Flavorist
11-11 Bio Health Solutions launches RenAvast renal supplement
11-11 Elanco receives approval for Pulmotil (tilmicosin) as a VFD sustained in-feed therapy for treating BRD in cattle
11-11 Milk Products launches Ultra Start 150 Plus calf starter product
11-11 Trouw Nutrition launches Rumenac ruminant feed evaluation system
11-11 Global Animal Management launches eyeD Equine Identification System
11-11 Vets Plus launches Probios Soft Chews probiotic supplements for dogs
11-11 AgriLabs receives USDA approval for Titanium 5 L5 and Master Guard 10 vaccines for preventing leptospirosis in cattle
11-11 Pfizer launches Embrex Inovoject m for smaller poultry producers
11-11 Webster Veterinary launches PURdigital radiology products
11-11 PetScreen and TriDelta Development launch Tri-Screen Canine Lymphoma assay kit
11-11 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives FDA approval for Prascend (pergolide) for treating equine Cushing’s disease
11-11 Kinetic Technologies launches Kinetic Vet EquiShield CK Shampoo for horses
10-11 Nuovo Biologics receives MUMS designation for Panavira (alpha-neurotoxoid) for treatment of oral malignant melanoma in dogs
10-11 Veterinary Products Laboratories launches Optima 365 Chewable omega fatty acid supplements
10-11 Mars Veterinary launches Optimal Selection dog breeder DNA test
10-11 Central Animal Health launches Smart Shield applicator for Bio Spot and Adams spot-on
10-11 Pfizer receives EU approval for TruScient (dibotermin-alfa) implant for treating long bone fractures in dogs
10-11 Pfizer relaunches Quest Plus Gel equine dewormer
10-11 IDEXX launches PRRS X3 Antibody Test
10-11 IDEXX launches Canine Distemper Virus Quant RealPCR Test
10-11 PRN Pharmacal launches CitraVet urinary health supplement
9-11  McAllister Software Systems launches AVImark EQ
9-11  scil animal care launches Medici DR Vet digital radiography system
9-11  Richard’s Vet Products launches Veterinary EyeMax eye staining treatment
9-11  Bioniche launches Cue-Mare and Tri-Otic Ointment in Australia, and Peridan Concentrate in North America
9-11  Vet’s Promise launches a custom label program for independent pet stores
9-11  DSM Nutritional Products launches Ronozyme HiPhos phytase feed additive
9-11  scil animal care launches Vital Health Liver and Kidney test panels
9-11  Mars Veterinary launches Wisdom Panel Purebreed and Wisdom Panel Designer Dog tests
9-11  Merck launches Zuprevo (tildipirosin) antibiotic for cattle
8-11  Greenies launches veterinary-exclusive dental chews
8-11  Hill’s launches Prescription Diet y/d Feline Thyroid Health pet food
8-11  Novartis launches Parastar Plus for dogs with fipronil and cyphenothrin
8-11  Pet King launches Zymox Enzymatic Ear and Skin Care veterinary line
8-11  Teva relaunches the Luxury You Trust (LYT) line of grooming products
8-11  Trouw launches MaxCare CelSius Mineral Supplement for diary cows
8-11  scil launches Spotchem EL electrolyte analyzer
8-11  IDEXX launches SNAP BVD Test
8-11  Pegasus Labs announces FDA approval for PRN Pharmacal’s Proin (PPA)
8-11  Equi-Force launches Equivitia equine probiotic
8-11  IDEXX launches Bovine Pregnancy Test
8-11  Novartis announces FDA and EU approval for Atopica for Cats
8-11  Farnam launches Ambush Insecticide, Equifusion 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Reach Joint Supplement and Shur Hoof Supplement
8-11  Bayer licenses SentrX’s EquitrX Wound Healing Spray Gel and Corneal Repair Gel Drops
8-11  Pfizer launches Foster PCV single-dose swine vaccine
7-11  Dechra launches PawProtect, CleanGenital, AntiSept, and CatMalt in the UK
7-11  Standard Process launches Canine Flex Support nutritional supplement
7-11  Veterinary Products Laboratories launches Duralactin Equine Pellets
7-11  Merck receives FDA approval for Incurin (estriol) treatment for canine urinary incontinence
7-11  BioVeteria licenses Canadian Arthritis Network’s cartilage and bone repair technology
7-11  Zurex launches ZuraLac dairy sanitizer
7-11  Merial launches Certifect canine flea & tick product containing fipronil, amitraz and methoprene
7-11  Merial launches Zactran (gamithromycin) antibiotic for treatment of bovine respiratory disease
7-11  Innovacyn launches Vetericyn VF Ophthalmic Wash and Otic Rinse
6-11  IDEXX launches M bovis Ab Test for bovine tuberculosis outside the US
6-11  Synbiotics/Pfizer launches ProFLOK MG/MS diagnostic test for poultry
6-11  Vetoquinol launches Cimalgex (cimicoxib) canine analgesic in the EU
6-11  IDEXX licenses Exiqon’s LNA technology
6-11  Innovotech launches InnovoSCEPT animal infection diagnostic test
6-11  Intervet/Schering-Plough launches BacuCheck diagnostic test for PCV-2 vaccination status of piglets in Germany
6-11  Bayer launches Credo D with Dstar for control of darkling beetles
6-11  Abaxis launches VetScan Canine Parvovirus and VetScan Giardia rapid tests
6-11  Meridian Animal Health launches EctoAdvance fipronil flea & tick products
6-11  Novartis launches Parastar for Dogs and EasySpot for Cats fipronil flea & tick products
6-11  Matrix Animal Health launches PentAussie Equine pentosan/glucosamine postsurgical lavage
6-11  Control Solutions launches Prefurred fipronil flea & tick product
6-11  Synbiotics announces USDA approval for Flu Detect VE diagnostic test for avian influenza
5-11  Aurora Pharmaceuticals launches Oral-Pro Sodium Salicylate
5-11  Teva relaunches Malaseb shampoo
5-11  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica relaunches Synanthic cattle anthelmintic
5-11  scil re-launches Vet Focus 5 Hematology Analyzer
5-11  R&D LifeSciences launches Trigestamace Liquid
5-11  Elanco and Acrux receive EMEA approval for Recuvyra transdermal fentanyl
5-11  Merial licenses GenVec’s technology to develop swine vaccines
5-11  Antech Diagnostics launches Cardio-BNP canine CHF test
5-11  Heska licenses Rapid Diagnostek platform to develop diagnosics
5-11  McAllister launches Bulldog Series computers for veterinary clinics
4-11  Sergeant’s launches FiproGuard Plus and Pronyl OTC Plus generic fipronil
4-11  Abbott launches PropoFlo 28 propofol with extended shelf life
4-11  IDEXX launches SNAP fPL pancreatitis test
4-11  Bayer receives EU approval for Veraflox (pradofloxacin) fluoroquinolone antibiotic for cats and dogs
4-11  Bayer received EU approval for Procox (toltrazuril) for treating roundworms and coccidia in dogs
4-11  Ceva announced the UK launch of Fiprospot generic fipronil
4-11  Pfizer announces FDA approval of Improvest for temporary castration and reduction of boar taint
4-11  FidoPharm launches PetArmor generic fipronil
4-11  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics launches Schebo-Elastase 1 Canine Feces Test for diagnosis of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
4-11  Abbott launches a line of veterinary IV crystalloid solutions
4-11  Bio-Vet launches ParturX supplement for fresh cows
4-11  SecuraTrac launches SecuraPAL pet locating technology
4-11  Intervet/Schering-Plough launches Circumvent PCV M swine vaccine
4-11  Novartis receives FDA approval for Onsior (robenacoxib) for managing postoperative pain in cats
4-11  Thorne Vet launches ImmunoVET bovine serum immunogloblulin
4-11  KMG Chemicals launches Buzz Off equine insecticide
4-11  Danisco launches Axtra XAP multi-enzyme product for broiler diets
3-11  Pharmacosmos receives FDA approval for Uniferon (iron dextran) for baby pigs
3-11  AB Science receives FDA approval for Kinavet (mastinib) for treating mast cell tumors in dogs
3-11  Novus introduces Cibenza DP100 dietary enzyme for poultry
3-11  Ceva launches Vectormune HVT-NDV poultry vaccine for Newcastle and Marek’s disease
3-11  Farnam launches Bio-Spot Defense F&T spot-on for dogs with etofenprox and S-methoprene
3-11  Aratana Therapeutics acquires two licenses from RaQualia Pharma to develop compounds for pain management and appetite enhancement in companion animals
3-11  Nylabone launches Nylabone Cat Toys and Treats
3-11  Teva relaunches Free Form Tip Snips OFA supplement
3-11  Vet-DC licenses Gilead Sciences’ investigational molecule for cancer treatment in dogs
2-11  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launches Buscopan 20 (hyoscine butylbromide) antispasmodic for horses and calves
2-11  Novartis licenses Intervet/Schering-Plough’s patent for pancreas disease vaccine in salmon
2-11  AgriLabs launches Achieve with Cryptex scours prevention
2-11  Norbrook Laboratories receives FDA approval for Hexasol (oxytetracycline) injection for cattle
2-11  Thorne Research launches Thorne Vet line of animal health products
2-11  Pfizer launches Inovocox EM1 poultry coccidiosis vaccine
2-11  Virbac announces the launch of Remend Corneal Repair Drops for dogs and cats
2-11  Abbott introduces a new line of IV sets for veterinary use
2-11  Wedgewood Pharmacy introduces Medi-melts and Quad tabs
2-11  Bayer launches Advantage II and Advantix IIF&T products
2-11  Thorne BioScience receives FDA approval for SucroMate (deslorelin) for use in horses
2-11  Teva announces the relaunch of Synovi G3 joint supplements
1-11  iVet announces a partnership with Dechra Pharmaceuticals to distribute pet foods in North America
1-11  Hill’s launches Science Diet Healthy Advantage veterinary-exclusive pet foods
1-11  Midmark launches Tidalguard HD capnograph and digital pulse oximeter
1-11  Elanco launches Trifexis (spinosad + milbemycin) broad-spectrum parasiticide for dogs
1-11  Merial licenses Centegen’s proprietary vaccine to reduce staphylococcal infections in ruminants
1-11  Merial signs a license with Vivalis to develop a veterinary vaccine
1-11  IDEXX launches the SNAP Total T4 test
1-11  Smiths Medical launches the SurgiVet V1030 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter
1-11  Pfizer launches Epitopix’ E. coli Bacterial Extract vaccine for cattle
1-11  Elanco launches Assurity (spinetoram) topical flea control for cats
1-11  Veterinary Products Laboratories introduces Duralactin Canine Joint Plus Soft Chews
1-11  PRN Pharmacal introduces CranMate Nutritional Supplements
1-11  Biogal-Galed Labs and Modern Veterinary Therapeutics launch Canine VacciCheck
1-11  Cardinal Pet Care introduces Remedy + Recovery line of pet first-aid products
1-11  RenovoCyte licenses MediStem’s stem cells for use in veterinary applications
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