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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for April 1, 2011

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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM MBA
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Pain management is one of the leading topics in veterinary medicine today.  The products represent a substantial market segment with potential still to be tapped. 
Brakke Consulting’s annual report on Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats includes such valuable information as:
  – overview of acute and chronic pain in small animals
  – review of current products
  – estimates of US sales and prices of leading products
  – pain management products in development
  – review of nutritional supplements used for chronic pain
  – review of therapeutic diets for joint care
  – 2011 survey of over 200 small animal veterinarians regarding use of pain management products
Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats 2011 can be purchased for $4,995 if ordered by April 1, 2011.  The report will be completed in early April.  Questions about the study can be answered by project manager Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA at 972-243-4033, or email
> The Provimi Group announced results for the year to December 31, 2010. Total Animal Nutrition revenues increased by 11% to EUR 1,615 million ($2.14 billion). Results exclude the Pet Food division, which was divested in March 2011. (company press release)
> The FDA announced the approval of Uniferon (injectable iron), for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in baby pigs. Uniferon is manufactured by Pharmacosmos, Inc. and distributed by IVESCO. (FDA) 
> Sound-Eklin and ImageWorks announced a partnership to bring the EVA Vet dental DR system to the veterinary market. The EVA Vet dental DR system is constructed to be highly diagnostic, strong and is formed to fit comfortably in a patient’s mouth; ViewAll dental image capture software is included with every system. (Business Wire)
> EUROPE   The European Medicines Agency has approved a new label claim for Boehringer Ingelheim’s Ingelvac MycoFLEX, permitting it to be combined with Ingelvac CircoFLEX and administered in a single injection.  Boehringer Ingelheim is marketing the products as combinable stand-alone vaccines under the brand name FLEXcombo. (Animal Pharm) 
> US – CATTLE PRICES   US cattle prices exceeded $120/cwt for the first time in history, setting new record highs.  The leap was due primarily to the unfolding situation in Japan, especially at it surrounds radiation releases at the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was destroyed in the earthquake and tsunami two weeks ago, according to Feedstuffs sources. (Feedstuffs)

Wow!!  The first quarter of 2011 is over!  I’m still trying to figure out where to take my spring break. Maybe that shows my age. 
It’s been an exciting time.  I think it’s going to be a long time before we have a quarter that provides us with more industry news than we had in the last three months. The first quarter of 2011 was one of the most exciting times ever in animal health.  Just think, in the past three months we’ve had the breakup of one of the largest mergers ever in animal health, which was keeping everyone guessing as to what would happen during and after the integration.  We had the announcement of merger of two of the largest distributors in the US that, when closed, will potentially give us a distributor on the move to reaching $2 billion in annual revenues.  There have been other interesting smaller mergers announced during this same 90 day period.
Also, the largest revenue product category of flea and tick is under attack from generic and new technology products.  When a product category reaches a billion dollars in revenue it should expect some attention!!
Finally, on March 31, 2011 Ron Brakke announced his formal retirement from the industry.
Don’t you wish that last story was true? If you believed that last story you’re working too hard and forgotten that it’s April Fools Day!!
Have a great weekend!
Ron Brakke
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