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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for December 30, 2010

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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM MBA
Dear Subscribers:
We hope each of you is having a wonderful time during the Holidays.  You will see in this newsletter a summary of the consolidations and new product launches that occurred in 2010.  No wonder we’re all enjoying a bit of time off. One seldom realizes the extent of the activities for a 12-month period until you view them in hard copy. A lot happened in 2010 and hopefully each action generated a positive result for the parties involved. 
It has been a pleasure over the past 12 months to be able to report these events to you.  The animal health industry continues to experience consolidation and the number of new product introductions are less than what is needed for a robust growth industry.
As the farmers often say at the end of a year, “hopefully it will be better next year.”
Happy New Year!!
Ron Brakke
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Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes
12-10  Pfizer acquires Synbiotics
12-10  Garmon Corp acquires Overby Farm
12-10  Mitsui Foods acquires Nippon Penet
11-10  Del Monte acquired by investor group
11-10  Dechra acquires Genitrix
11-10  Midmark acquires Newmed SrL
11-10  MiracleCorp acquires Gimborn Pet Specialties
11-10  Radio Systems acquires JGB Distributing
11-10  Bayer acquires Bomac Group
10-10  Dechra acquires DermaPet
10-10  Phillips Feed and Pet Supply acquires Super-Dog Pet Food
10-10  Pfizer acquires Alpharma parent King Pharmaceuticals
10-10  Henry Schein acquires Provet Holdings Ltd
10-10  BDI Pharma announces animal health division 4legPharma
10-10  Provimi acquires Mexican NASSA
9-10  Citi Venture Capital acquires 38% of Huvepharma
9-10  Animal Health International acquires assets of PVPL
9-10  Nestle acquires Waggin’ Train dog snacks
9-10  HealthyPet acquires Veterinary Metrics
8-10  Ceva acquires majority interest in Summit VetPharm
8-10  Professional Veterinary Products files for bankruptcy
8-10  Irving Place Capital acquires Pet Supplies Plus
8-10  Quincy Bioscience launches Quincy Animal Health division
8-10  Tridelta Development announces management buyout
8-10  Simmons Pet Foods acquires Menu Foods
8-10  OurPet’s Company acquires Cosmic Pet Products
8-10  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica acquires selected Fort Dodge cattle vaccines in Mexico
8-10  Lohmann forms joint venture with Suguna in India, to be named Globion India Private Ltd
8-10  Spectrum Brands merges with Russell Hobbs
7-10 Ceva acquires Australian company Nature Vet
6-10  Nutreco acquires Vietnamese Tomboy Aquafeed
6-10 Lallemand acquires Agrig8 Pty
6-10 EW Nutrition GmbH acquires MLR Innovations
6-10 Manna Pro Products acquires certain equine products from NutraCea
6-10 Radio Systems acquires Veterinary Ventures
6-10  VCA Antech acquires PET DRx
5-10  Pfizer acquires Microtek International
5-10  Novus acquires IQF Group and IQF-Enamex
5-10  Imperial Capital acquires Petra Pet
5-10  Procter & Gamble acquires Natura Pet Products
4-10  Webster acquires a minority ownership investment and strategic partnership with VetSource
3-10 Neogen acquires GeneSeek
3-10 MetaMorphix and Stirius form AquaAnimal Health Inc.
3-10 Radio Systems acquires Premier Pet Products
3-10 Pharmgate and ECO Animal Health form joint venture Pharmgate Animal Health
3-10 sanofi-aventis and Merck announce they will combine Merial and Intervet/Schering-Plough in a joint venture
3-10 Elanco acquires certain Pfizer/Fort Dodge products in Europe
3-10 Virbac acquires 30% interest in Uruguayan production animal vaccine company Santa Elena
3-10 Avacta Group acquires ReactivLab
2-10 PBI Gordon acquires Lambert Kay product line from Church & Dwight
2-10 Dad’s Pet Care acquires ARKAT Nutrition
2-10 North American Pet Products acquires Casco Group assets
1-10  Elanco announces the formation of Elanco Food Solutions to market food safety products to the food animal industry
1-10 Virbac acquires certain Fort Dodge products and assets in Australia from Pfizer
1-10 ASKA Pharmaceutical acquires Kyowa Hakko Bio’s animal health business
12-10  Aurora Pharmaceutical launches Barrier Waterless Skin Prep
12-10  Merial and GenVec announce licensing deal to develop foot-and-mouth vaccine
12-10  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launches five new Vetera equine vaccines
12-10  Intervet/Schering-Plough launches Protazil top-dress treatment for EPM
12-10  Abaxis launches VetScan VSFibrinogen Test
12-10  Imagilin launches MitoHorse probiotic
11-10  Life Technologies launches Applied Biosystems VetMAX-Gold BVDV Detection kit
11-10  Bioniche licenses marketing and distribution rights for SucroMate Equine from Thorn BioScience
11-10  Norbrook Labs launches Hexasol Injection for treating respiratory disease in cattle
11-10  Bayer acquires chewable formulation technology and late-stage development products from Piedmont Pharmaceuticals
11-10  Teva re-launches DVM Feline Joint Gel
11-10  Aurora Pharmaceuticals launches Barrier Wound Care Spray for cattle and swine
11-10  Blazer labs announces marketing agreement for Stomatitis Treatment Kit for Cats and Once and Done Treatment Kit for chronic otitis in dogs
11-10 Quincy Animal Health launches Neutricks supplement for cognitive dysfunction syndrome in dogs
11-10  Putney launches generic ketamine
11-10  Sedona Pure Pets launches line of veterinary supplements
10-10  Greenies launches Greenies JointCare Treats
10-10  ALLPRO Imaging introduces Astra Intraoral Camera
10-10  Hill’s launches Prescription Diet Therapeutic Weight Reduction Program
10-10  DigitalDVM launches GroupDVM online buying group
10-10  Intervet/Schering-Plough receives USDA approval for Innovax-ND poultry vaccine
10-10  DNA My Dog launches DNA testing kit
10-10  Novartis licenses Imugene’s poultry and swine vaccines
10-10  Intervet/Schering-Plough launches Posatex canine otitis externa treatment
10-10  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics and Biogal Galed Labs receive USDA approval for Canine VacciCheck diagnostic kit
9-10  Merial launches Equioxx Injection
9-10  Aceto receives USDA approval to market canine vaccines
9-10  Canidae Pet Foods launches Equidae Horse Feed
9-10  Intervet/Schering-Plough receives USDA approval for Nobivac Lepto4 canine vaccine
9-10  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics launches Respit immunotherapy for dogs
9-10  Pulse Veterinary Technologies launches ProTec PRP Injectable system for chronic pain in dogs and horses
9-10  Pfizer receives USDA approval for FluSure Pandemic swine vaccine
9-10  Dechra receives FDA approval for Equidone Gel for fescue toxicosis in mares
9-10  Macleod Pharmaceuticals launches apple-flavored Uniprim
9-10  Elanco licenses Anacor Pharmaceuticals’ therapies for animal health
9-10  Novartis signs distribution agreement with ULURU Inc for Altrazeal wound healant
9-10  Abbott launches line of veterinary catheters
9-10  Milk Products launches Scours & Pneumonia Treatment products
9-10  scil Animal Care launches scil Vet ABC Plus Hematology Analyzer
9-10  Heartland Pet Care launches Pro Active Balance pet food supplement
9-10  DigitalDVM launches virtualVet Rep
9-10  Pfizer receives FDA approval for PropoClear IV anesthetic
9-10  Van Beek Global launches UterFlush
8-10  Pfizer launches InForce 3 cattle vaccine
8-10  Bioniche licenses technology in botanical therapeutics from University of Ottawa
8-10  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics receives USDA approval for Canine Parvovirus Antigen diagnostic kit
8-10  Merial enters R&D collaboration with Biolex Therapeutics to develop vaccines
8-10  Merial launches Recombitek 4 Lepto canine vaccine
8-10  Dechra licenses Peptech’s Ovuplant in the US
8-10  scil animal care launches V1 Plus Vital Signs Monitor
8-10  Sound-eklin launches TruDR eSeries digital radiography system for small animals
8-10  Nylabone launches Healthy Living edible dog chews
7-10  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives USDA approval for Duramune Lyme canine vaccine
7-10  Biosound Esaote launches MyLab One and MyLab Twice veterinary ultrasound systems
7-10  Merial enters R&D collaboration with Infectious Disease Research Institute to develop vaccines
7-10  Bayer licenses technology from Paraco for parasiticide development
7-10  Dechra licenses rights to Piedmont Pharmaceuticals products using Piedmont’s soft chew technology
7-10  DRE veterinary launches DRE Teres V-400 veterinary dental unit
7-10  DermaPet launches TrizCHLOR 4 Wipes and KlearOTIC Ear Cleanser
7-10  Land O’Lakes Purina introduces AMPLI-Calf Jersey Blend Starter feed
7-10  Midmark introduces VetPro 5000 Dental Station
7-10  Hill’s Canada launches Hill’s Healthy Advantage pet food line
6-10  Sparhawk Labs receives FDA approval for generic 1% ivermectin injection for cattle and swine
6-10  Bioniche licenses Trophogen’s superagonist hormone technology
6-10 Pfizer licenses Epitopix’ E-coli bacterial extract vaccine and Salmonella newport bacterial extract vaccine
6-10  Animal Health Science launches Hoof Rite and Sand Rite equine supplements
6-10 Intervet/Schering-Plough receives full USDA approval for Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8 vaccine
6-10 Land O’Lakes launches Ultium Growth horse formula
6-10  iM3 launches the LED Advantage dental hand piece
6-10 Nonin Medical launches the 2500A VET handheld pulse oximeter
6-10  Orion receives FDA approval for Dormosedan Gel for horses
6-10  DermaPet launches KlearOtic
6-10 Intervet/Schering-Plough re-introduces Equilis StrepE equine strangles vaccine in Europe
5-10 Entrega Labs licenses 3M’s TransMucosal Drug Delivery technology for companion animal health
5-10  Fujita Pharmaceuticals launches generic milbemycin tablets for dogs in Japan
5-10 Greenies launches Pill Pockets Allergy Formula Treats
5-10  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica licenses certain antigens from Intercell for animal vaccine development
5-10  Aventix launches Florentero symbiotic for dogs cats and rabbits
5-10 DermaPet launches Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA spray
4-10  Veterinary Products Laboratories introduces Duralactin Canine and Feline Liquid
4-10 AgraQuest launches Sympatic poultry B. subtilis feed additive
4-10 SmartPak launches Proportions Whole Food Nutrition Program for canine nutrition
4-10  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics receives FDA approval for Butorphine generic butorphanol for cats
4-10  AgriLabs launches Colostrx Multi Species
4-10  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives Chinese approval to market its porcine circovirus type 2 vaccine
3-10  Novartis licenses Phosphagenics’ transdermal insulin delivery system
3-10 Virbac launches Allerderm Spot-On Skin Lipid Complex
3-10 PRN Pharmacal launches ProZyme V Feline Formula
3-10 Novartis licenses Morphogenesis’ immunotherapy treatment for cancer in dogs and cats
3-10 Unimed-Midwest launches PetFlex No Chew and PetFlex AFD No Chew veterinary bandages
3-10 Smiths Medial launches its SurgiVet brand of MR-Conditional anesthesia equipment
3-10 Farnam re-launches Horse Health Equine Ivermectin Paste
3-10 Nestle Purina launches Purina Veterinary Diets Canine and Feline GI HealthPacks
3-10 Royal Canin launches six wet canned catfoods based on Macro Nutrient Profile science
3-10 Warm Whiskers launches Pet Therapy Jacket
3-10 Pfizer announces global launch of Bopriva behavior vaccine for cattle in New Zealand
2-10 Lloyd, Inc introduces Butorphic generic butorphanol injectable solution
2-10 BioCurex launches OncoPet RECAF canine cancer detection test
2-10 Pfizer receives FDA approval for Excede Sterile Suspension for use in horses
2-10 Midmark introduces Cardell MAX-12HD DUO Vital Signs Monitor and LoFlo sidestream CO2 module for veterinary clinics
2-10 Bayer announces it will sell Advantage and Advantix through pet specialty retailers and internet sites
1-10  Intervet/Schering-Plough introduces ResFlor Gold for treatment of bovine respiratory disease
1-10  Intervet/Schering-Plough introduces Nuflor Gold for treatment of bovine respiratory disease
1-10  Alpharma launches Proflora probiotic poultry feed additive
1-10  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics launches a Canine Heartworm Antigen Test Kit
1-10  DNA Genotek launches Performagene Livestock DNA collection method
1-10 Merial and Vical receive full USDA licensure for the ONCEPT canine melanoma vaccine
1-10  Hill’s launches Prescription Diet feline j/d
1-10 Janssen receives FDA approval for Surolan canine otitis treatment, to be marketed by Vetoquinol
1-10  Teva Animal Health licenses Eden Research’s encapsulation technology and terpene formulations
1-10  Mars Veterinary launches Wisdom Panel Professional canine genetics test for veterinarians  
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