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A new study from Brakke Consulting offers a look into the #1 killer of dogs and cats: cancer. 

”Oncology is one of the highest interest areas in veterinary medicine today,” said Lynn Fondon, senior consultant of Brakke Consulting.  “The report is particularly timely, considering that the first-ever FDA-approved veterinary chemotherapy drug was approved just a few months ago.”

The study, Cancer in Dogs and Cats, provides information on the incidence of cancer in pets, examines how cancer is diagnosed and treated in veterinary medicine, and offers estimated costs for treatment.  New and developing veterinary cancer products, including therapies and diagnostics, are also presented in the report. 

“Our veterinary survey found that despite costs that can reach thousands of dollars, many dog and cat owners are willing to pursue treatment when their pets are diagnosed with cancer,” comments Dr. Fondon.

The report – the second edition of a study first fielded in 2002 – gathered information from a wide variety of sources, including published literature, specialist interviews, and a survey of 200 small animal veterinarians.

Cancer in Dogs and Cats is available from Brakke Consulting for $8,500. For more information, interested companies should contact Lynn Fondon at 972.243.4033.

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Brakke Consulting is the leading consulting firm specializing in the animal health and nutrition markets. It is located at 2735 Villa Creek, Dallas, TX, (972) 243-4033,

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