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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for August 21, 2000

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This week marks the one-year anniversary of Brakke Consulting’s weekly electronic newsletter, “Animal Health News & Notes.”  In the intervening weeks, our subscriber list has grown from under 200 addresses to over 1,300.  Our readership encompasses all aspects of the animal health industry: from manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and pet products; to veterinary distributors; to government agencies and industry organizations; to the new realm of “dot-coms”.  Newsletter recipients range from CEO’s to field sales representatives, and hail from dozens of countries around the world.

We are proud to be a leading source of timely news about the animal health industry.  We hope that you find our newsletter useful, and that you will continue to pass it on to friends and colleagues within the industry.


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Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes

8/99 Akzo Nobel agreed to acquire Hoechst Roussel Vet for $720 million
8/99 Procter & Gamble acquired The Iams Co. for $2.3 billion
9/99 Neogen acquired Fearing Equine Product Line from Destron Fearing
9/99 Genus plc acquired ABS Global
9/99 Alpharma acquired ID Russell
10/99 Doane Pet Care acquired Larkshall Extrusions (UK)
11/99 Ralston Purina acquired Canbrands International
12/99 Novartis acquired Vericore Holding Ltd
12/99 Ralston Purina acquired Bonnie Pet Foods (Australia)
12/99 Aventis created via merger of Rhone Poulenc and Hoechst Roussel
12/99 IDEXX acquired Tufts Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
12/99 Pharmacia & Upjohn and Monsanto announce intent to merge
12/99 IBP acquired Corporate Brand Foods America
1/00 Synbiotics merged with W3 Commerce LLC
1/00 Smithfield Foods acquired Murphy Farms
2/00 Pfizer announced agreement to acquire Warner Lambert for $90 billion
2/00 Burns Veterinary Supply acquired Farvet
2/00 Neogen acquired Acumedia Manufacturers
2/00 Philipp Brothers announced intent to acquire Pfizer’s medicated feed additives business
2/00 acquired majority interest in
3/00 Novartis acquired Biostar’s animal vaccine business
3/00 Applied Digital Solutions acquired Destron Fearing
3/00 Green Equity Investors III agreed to acquire Veterinary Centers of America
4/00 Alpharma acquired Roche’s medicated feed additives business
4/00 Pharmacia Corporation created by merger of Pharmacia & Upjohn and Monsanto
4/00 Synbiotics acquired poultry diagnostics business of Kirkegaard & Perry Labs
5/00 Doane Pet Care acquired Arovit Petfood (Denmark)
5/00 Novartis agreed to acquire remaining interest in Cobequid Life Sciences
5/00 Premium Petcare Ltd acquired Vetstream
5/00 Leonard Green & Partners agreed to acquire PETCO
6/00 Neogen acquired Amvet Pharmaceuticals
6/00 Lohmann & Co. agreed to acquire IGI’s Vineland Labs
6/00 Intervet acquired Bayer’s US & Canadian livestock and equine biologicals businesses
6/00 Pfizer and Warner Lambert merger completed
7/00 King Pharmaceuticals and Jones Pharma (parent of Daniels Pharmaceuticals) agreed to merge
7/00 Neogen agreed to acquire Squire Labs
8/00 BASF and Takeda agreed to merge their bulk vitamins businesses
8/00 Idexx acquired Veterinary Pathology Services of Australia
8/00 Idexx acquired Genera Technologies of the UK

9/99 Pfizer’s Revolution approved in US
9/99 Heska’s Perioceutic Gel approved in Europe
11/99 Schering-Plough’s Clinicox approved in US
11/99 Heska’s Equine Flu-Avert IN approved in US
12/99 Biopure’s Oxyglobin approved in Europe
1/00 Elanco’s Paylean approved in US
1/00 Alpharma’s Ringvac Bovis approved in US
1/00 Abbott Labs’ SevoFlo approved in US
1/00 Abbott Labs announced distribution agreement for V-BTA bladder tumor test kit
3/00 IDEXX’s Snap HW/Ehrlichia Canis test launched in US
3/00 Heska’s Solo Step CH Batch Test launched in US
4/00 Novartis’ Milbemite Otic approved in US
5/00 Roche’s Ronozyme P approved in US
5/00 Hartz launched Flea Control Capsules and Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops in US
5/00 Central Garden & Pet launched Zodiac FleaTrol Flea Caps in US
6/00 Heska launched Feline ImmCheck Assays in US
7/00 Synbiotics launched Witness Ehrlichia in Europe
7/00 Farnam launched Gentle Touch Flea Drops in US
8/00 Ralston Purina launched CNM brand DM Formula for managing diabetes in cats
8/00 Carrington Labs received FDA approval for its Acemannan Immunostimulant for treating fibrosarcoma
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