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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for August 21, 2001

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This week marks the two-year anniversary of Brakke Consulting’s weekly electronic newsletter, “Animal Health News & Notes.”  Our subscriber list has grown to over 2,400 names from all aspects of the animal health and veterinary professions around the globe. 

We are proud to be a leading source of timely news about the animal health industry.  We hope that you find our newsletter useful, and that you will continue to pass it on to friends and colleagues within the industry.


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Dear clients, readers and friends,

It is hard to believe that two years have passed since we introduced our electronic newsletter.  This week you will be reading the 104th issue of Brakke Consulting’s Animal Health News & Notes. 

We believe that the newsletter meets the needs of the animal health industry.  The stories for the week are summarized and put into a form that can be read in a few minutes.  The source of the story is identified so that you can find the full story or announcement.  If you can’t find it on your own, you can always email and we’ll do our best to provide it for you.  In addition, we include our insights and commentary on the week’s news, providing you with another view that may not always agree with yours.

Best of all, Brakke Consulting’s Animal Health News & Notes is free.  As we begin our third year of publication, let me assure each of you that we have no intention of charging for this service.  We offer it to you as a service to the industry.

Finally, I must thank Dr. Lynn Fondon for her dedication in publishing the newsletter each week.

We thank you for being a loyal subscriber, and look forward to the next 52 issues.

Ronald S. Brakke
Brakke Consulting, Inc.

Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes

8/00 Agribrands and Ralcorp Holdings merge.  Both companies were spun off from Ralston Purina
8/00 MetaMorphix acquires R&D assets of Biostar
8/00 Antigenics acquires Aquila Biopharmaceuticals
9/00 Neogen acquires Squire Laboratories
9/00 Sowell & Co. acquires Sergeant’s Pet Products from ConAgra
9/00 Milk Products acquires Sav-a-Caf product line from Intagra
9/00 Veterinary Centers of America merges with an affiliate of Leonard Green & Partners
9/00 Lohmann Animal Health acquires Vineland Laboratories from IGI
10/00 Philipp Brothers Chemicals agrees to acquire the Pfizer medicated feed additives business
10/00 PETCO merges with BD Recapitalization Corp., led by Leonard Green & partners
10/00 Central Garden & pet acquires All-Glass Aquarium Co.
10/00  Pilgrim’s Pride acquires WLR foods
11/00 J.W. Childs Associates acquires Hartz Mountain Corp.
11/00 AVANT Immunotherapeutics acquires Megan Health
12/00 Farnam Horse Products acquires Sure Nutrition horse products
12/00 Cargill agrees to acquire Agribrands International
12/00 Immucell acquires the MASTiK Mastitis Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Kit from Lotek Inc.
12/00 Biocor acquires Bayer’s Herd-Vac bovine MLV vaccine line
1/01  Tyson Foods announces a merger agreement with IBP
1/01 BASF acquires Takeda’s vitamins business
1/01 Nestle agrees to acquires Ralston Purina
1/01 Aspen Pet Products Holdings acquires Cider Mills Farms and Snuffy’s Pet Products
3/01 Tyson announces it is discontinuing its acquisition of IBP
3/01 Nutreco announces an acquisition agreement with DuCoa premix activities
4/01 Smithfield Foods agrees to acquire Moyer Packing Co.
5/01 Schering-Plough acquires Fujisawa’s animal health business in Japan
5/01 Menu Foods acquires Doane Pet Care’s Deep Run wet pet foods business
6/01 EasyCare Inc. acquires Farnam’s Pro Equine Protective Sport Boot line
6/01 Neogen announces agreement to acquire QA Life Sciences
6/01 Land O’Lakes agrees to acquire Purina Mills
6/01 A judge rules that Tyson must proceed with its acquisition of IBP
6/01 Neogen announces agreement to acquire Gene-Trak Systems
7/01 Church & Dwight acquires Carter-Wallace’s pet care business, including the Lambert-Kay brand
7/01 Roche Vitamins acquires Hy-D feed supplement from Monsanto
7/01 Mars announces an agreement to acquire Royal Canin
7/01 Patterson Dental agrees to acquire J.A.Webster
8/01 Veterinary Centers of America files to register with the SEC

9/00 Merial receives approval for Frontline Plus flea & tick treatment
10/00 Pharmacia receives approval for Neomix AG 325 Feed Medication for treatment of E. coli in swine
11/00 Bayer receives approval for Baytril Otic
12/00 Novartis receives approval for Capstar flea control tablets
12/00 Phoenix Scientific receives approval for Phonectin, a generic ivermectin oral paste for horses
12/00 Blue Ridge Pharmaceuticals receives approval for Acarexx earmite treatment
1/01 Farnam receives approval for Continuex, a generic pyrantel tartrate for horses
1/01 Fort Dodge receives conditional approval for and EPM vaccine
1/01 Blue Ridge Pharmaceuticals launches SNAP Foal IgG Test
1/01 Synbiotics launches Witness FHW Feline heartworm test
1/01 Med-Pharmex receives approval for an oral ivermectin solution for horses
1/01 ALR Technologies launches ALRT Pet Reminder
2/01 Schering-Plough launches Mometamax treatment for otitis externa
2/01 Blue Ridge Pharmaceuticals receives approval for Wormexx pyrantel pamoate tablets for dogs
3/01 Novartis receives supplemental approval for milbemycin oxime solution to be used to treat earmites in cats
3/01 Phoenix Scientific receives approval for ivermectin injection for use in cattle swine, bison and reindeer
3/01 Phoenix Scientific receives approval for clindamycin HCl for treating infections in cats
3/01 Veterinary Products Laboratories announces it will launch 7-KETO weight management product for dogs
3/01 Medical Management Inc. launches BluePaw, a preferred provider organization for pets
3/01 Idexx receives approval for SNAP 3Dx test for Lyme, heartworm and Ehrlichia in dogs
3/01 Heska launches its Spotchem EZ clinical biochemistry analyzer
4/01 Biocor launches FPV-1 panleukopenia vaccine and BronchicineCAe canine bordetella vaccine
6/01 Fort Dodge receives approval for ProHeart-6 heartworm preventative
6/01 Virbac receives approval for Iverhart Plus heartworm preventative
7/01 Blue Ridge Pharmaceuticals receives approval for an ivermectin-pyrantel chewable heartworm preventative
7/01 Bayer receives approval for Marquis treatment for EPM

9/00 Pfizer announces Brian Barrett is retiring as president of Pfizer Animal Health, to be succeeded by Dr. Pedro Lichtinger
9/00 Pharmacia announces Peter Croden is retiring as president of Pharmacia Animal Health, to be succeeded by Dr. George Gunn
10/00 Bert Honsch joins Brakke Consulting, Inc.
2/01 Ken Berkholtz joins Brakke Consulting, Inc.
3/01 Elanco announces Dr. Brendan Fox is retiring as president of Elanco Animal Health, to be succeeded by Pat James
5/01 Samuel Woodside is elected as President & CEO of NLS Animal Health
6/01 Eli Thomssen joins Brakke Consulting, Inc.
6/01 Farnam Companies announces Andy Deere is retiring as president of Farnam Pet Products, to be succeeded by Doug Bertram
7/01  Dr. Karen Felsted joins Brakke Consulting, Inc’s Practice Management Group
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