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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for September 15, 2004

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Thanks for being one of the 4000+ readers of the Brakke Consulting weekly electronic newsletter.  We’ve enjoyed publishing the newsletters for the past five years for the benefit of those supplying or participating in the various animal health market segments.

We always enjoy looking back over the past 12 months at the list of acquisitions, mergers, licensing deals, and product launches or approvals.  When I reviewed the five pages of activities for the past year, I was struck by their sheer number.  There is a lot happening in the industries we serve and we at Brakke Consulting are pleased to be a part of it.

We appreciate our clients who have faithfully used one or more of our consulting services in the past year.  We thank you for your business and support.  We wish all of you the best in the last quarter of 2004, and a good start to 2005.

We hope you appreciate Brakke Consulting newsletter, and will take the time to thank our editor, Dr. Lynn Fondon, for her excellent job on the newsletter each week.

Ron Brakke


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Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes

9/03 Virbac announces acquisition of King Pharmaceuticals
9/03 DSM acquires Roche’s Fine Vitamins and Chemicals division
9/03 Medallion Manufacturing announces acquisition of Formax Feeds
9/03 International Oilseed Distributors acquires a majority interest in ProdiGene
9/03 PIC acquires the product lines and key assets of Cotswold Swine Genetics of North America
9/03 IDEXX announces formation of a joint venture in China, with Beijing Fortunate Century Animal Health Technology Company, to manufacture and distribute veterinary diagnostic products for farm use
9/03 Smithfield Foods announces the sale of its Canadian subsidiary Schneider Corp. to Maple Leaf Foods
10/03 Merial announces the acquisition of the assets of QIAGEN’s Percura business
10/03 AgInfoLink, APEIS, eMerge Interactive, IMI Global and Micro Beef Technologies announce the formation of the Beef Information Exchange
10/03 Smithfield Foods acquires the assets of Farmland Industries’ pork business at bankruptcy auction
10/03 The Cypress Group acquires a majority interest in Meow Mix Company from JW Childs
10/03 Novus International acquires the feed ingredient business of Solutia
11/03 Degussa announces the divestiture of its vitamin B3 business to Reilly Group
11/03 American Capital Strategies announces investment in the management buyout of Flexi-Mat Corp
11/03 Dutch Bestmeat Company acquires a controlling interest in Germany’s Nordfleisch
11/03 AMVAC acquires the Nuvan (dichlorvos) product line from Novartis
11/03 Merial and Elanco announce a strategic marketing alliance wherein Elanco will market and distribute Merial’s Ivomec Swine products in the US
11/03 Grampian Country Food Group acquires St. Merryn Food Group, both of the UK
11/03 ConAgra Foods completes the divestiture of its chicken processing business to Pilgrim’s Pride
11/03 ConAgra Foods completes the divestiture of United Agri Products to Apollo Management
11/03 Neogen acquires Hacco and Hess & Clark, subsidiaries of United Agri Products
12/03 Iowa Premium Pork acquired PM Beef Holdings plant
12/03 Animix LLC announces management buyout
12/03 Pfizer acquires CSL Animal Health of Australia, including CSL’s US division Biocor
12/03 Kyoritsu Seiyaku acquires Mitaka Pharmaceuticals, the animal health business jointly owned by Asahi Kasei Pharma and Intervet
1/04 Central Garden & Pet acquires Kent Marine
1/04 Phibro Animal Health competes the sale of Prince Manufacturing Co. to Palladium Equity Partners and certain of its affiliates
1/04 PPL Therapeutics sells the cloning technology used to create Dolly the sheep to Exeter Life Sciences
1/04 Meiji Seika acquires the animal health business of Daiichi Pharmaceuticals
1/04 Bioniche Life Sciences acquires the assets of AB Technology
1/04 Ritchey Tagg acquires PetCode electronic ID company, both of the UK
2/04 Del Monte divests the IVD and Medi-Cal and Techni-Cal pet food brands to Royal Canin
2/04 Smithfield Foods acquires a 15% interest in Spain’s Campofrio Alimentacion SA
2/04 Smithfield Foods acquires Norwich Food Company and Ridpath Pek, both of the UK
2/04 Alltech acquires from Agway the intellectual property and plant to manufacture Optigen 1200, a time release feed technology
2/04 Catterton Partners private equity firm acquires a stake in Old Mother Hubbard
3/04 IDEXX acquires Equine Biodiagnostics Inc.
3/04 CEVA Sante Animale acquires Kemia of Mexico
3/04 Ecolab and Alcide announce a definitive merger agreement
3/04 Virbac acquires Antigenics’ manufacturing rights for feline leukemia virus vaccine, which Virbac was already marketing
3/04 UltraPet acquires Harvest Ventures and Cedar Fresh cat litter makers
3/04 PETCO acquires 20 former Kids R Us stores to be converted into PETCO stores
3/04 Central Garden & Pet acquires the UK’s Interpet Ltd, including the company’s US subsidiary Aquarium Products
4/04 Patterson Dental Co. acquires ProVet from Lextron
4/04 Christensen Farms acquires Heartland Pork Enterprises
4/04 Grampian Country Food Group acquires Uniq’s UK poultry business via its subsidiary Sovereign Food Group
4/04 Novus International acquires Wolfgang Rothel GmbH
4/04 Bioniche Life Sciences acquires Pfizer’s Cue-Mate business
4/04 Sanofi-Synthelabo and Aventis announce plans to merge
5/04 Sergeant’s Pet Care Products acquires Sun Pet Toys
5/04 The Bertin Group acquires Harper’s Pet Products
5/04 VCA acquires National PetCare Centers
5/04 BowTie Inc. (parent of Fancy Publications) acquires Kennel Club Books
5/04 Cargill Animal Nutrition acquires Italy’s ASA srl Gruppo Pizzolo’s Agridea feed brand
5/04 Flagship Foods and Danish Crown combine the businesses of Flagship and Danish Crown’s UK subsidiary Tulip Ltd.
5/04 BowTie Inc. acquires Doral Publishing
5/04 Lawrence sells certain assets of its South African subsidiary Eco AH Southern Africa to the subsidiary’s management team
5/04 eVet acquires Greendale Labs, both of the UK
6/04 Smithfield Foods acquires France’s Jean Caby, which will be merged with Smithfield’s French subsidiary SBS
6/04 Van Drie Group acquires all the shares of Schils Holding, both of the Netherlands
6/04 KMG Chemicals acquires the Ravap insecticide line from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
6/04 Sumitomo acquires Hartz Mountain Corp. from JW Childs Equity Partners
7/04 Alpharma divests its aquatic animal health division to an employee group
7/04 United Industries Corp. acquires United Pet Group
7/04 DuPont acquires the animal health business assets of BioSentry
7/04 Farmway acquires Yorkshire Animal Health, both of the UK
7/04 Bridgepoint private equity firm acquires the UK’s Pets At Home
8/04 Ridley acquires the assets of Sweetlix
8/04 Perdue Farms acquires the Pennsylvania Agricultural Commodities Marketing Association
8/04 Kemin Europa acquires South African feed company Feedad
8/04 Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH acquires majority interest in French City-Zoo
8/04 Smithfield Foods increases its stake in Spain’s Campofrio Alimentacion from 15% to 22.4%


9/03 Hill’s Pet Nutrition launches Science Diet Advanced Protection dog and cat food
9/03 Pfizer launches Spirovac bovine vaccine against Leptospira hardjo-bovis
9/03 Virbac receives FDA approval for Equimax (ivermectin + pyrantel) generic equine anthelmintic, to be marketed by Pfizer
9/03 Iams launches Eukanuba Veterinary Diets Adult Plus dog food
9/03 Royal Canin launches Persian 30 Feline Breed Nutrition cat food
9/03 Heska launches E.R.D.-Healthscreen Feline Urine Test for kidney damage
9/03 Novartis Animal Vaccines launches Trep-Shield HW bovine hairy heel wart vaccine
9/03 Novartis receives FDA approval for Atopica oral cyclosporine capsules to treat atopic dermatitis in dogs
9/03 Norbrook Labs receives FDA approval for 300 mg/mL oxytetracycline injectable solution for cattle and swine
9/03 AgriLabs receives FDA approval for generic oxytetracycline injectable solution for cattle and swine
9/03 First Priority receives FDA approval for generic oral pyrantel pamoate suspension in  horses
9/03 Veterinary Laboratories receives FDA approval for lincomycin injection in swine
9/03 Merial launches the Igenity cattle DNA testing service with Igenity L, a test for leptin
10/03 Heska receives FDA approval for Tri-Heart Plus generic chewable ivermectin/pyrantel tablets for prevention of heartworm disease in dogs, to be marketed by Schering-Plough
10/03 First Priority receives FDA approval for generic topical copper naphthenate solution for treating thrush in horses
10/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for generic praziquantel tablets for testing cestodes in dogs
10/03 Veterinary Laboratories receives FDA approval for generic dexamethasone injectable solution for use in cattle and horses
10/03 Vetoquinol USA announces the introduction of Zentonil SAMe nutritional supplement for managing liver disease
10/03 Farnam announces the addition of Next Level Hoof Fluid to its Sure Nutrition product line
11/03 Veterinary Products Laboratories announces the launch of Modipher Equine Mist equine appeasing pheromone
11/03 Veterinary Products Laboratories  announces the launch of Duralactin Equine aid for inflammatory conditions
11/03 Intervet receives FDA approval for altrenogest oral solution for gilts
11/03 Waltham announces the launch of Waltham Veterinary Tab Wrap Supplements for facilitating administering medication to dogs and cats
11/03 Veterinary Products Laboratories announces the development of Duralactin Feline
11/03 Focus Technologies receives clearance for its IgM and IgG ELISA antibody detection diagnostic kits for West Nile Virus
11/03 IDEXX receives FDA approval for its Navigator (nitazoxanide) Antiprotozoal Oral Paste for testing EPM in horses
11/03 Triad Specialty Products announces the launch of Serene Feed-Through Fly Control for horses
11/03 Cross Vetpharm Group receives FDA approval for its generic dexamethasone injectable solution for use in dogs, cats, cattle and horses
11/03 AVANT Immunotherapeutics receives USDA approval for its MeganEgg Salmonella vaccine for use in breeding and laying hens
12/03 Fort Dodge launches a line of West Nile-Innovator/Encephalomyelitis equine vaccines
12/03 Pfizer receives EU approval for Draxxin (tulathromycin) antibiotic for treating swine and  cattle
12/03 Intervet and Bommeli Diagnostics receive EU approval for its discriminatory test for Classical Swine Fever, completing the genetic vaccine marker system for CSF vaccine using Bommeli’s diagnostic test and Intervet’s CSF vaccine
12/03 Norbrook Labs receives FDA approval for its generic flunixin meglumine injectable solution for use in horses and cattle
12/03 Novartis and ETHICON Products announce an exclusive distribution agreement wherein Novartis will market and distribute ETHICON’s line of premium veterinary sutures
12/03 PetzLife announces the launch of its Life for Teeth herbal pet dental spray for eliminating tartar and plaque in digs and cats
1/04 Virbac Corp. launches Clintabs (clindamycin) for dogs
1/04 Merial launches RECOMBITEK Equine West Nile Virus vaccine
1/04 Banfield and BioniCare Medical Technologies launch a veterinary version of the BIO-1000 System, a noninvasive, nondrug system to treat osteoarthritis in dogs
1/04 Novartis and Luitpold Pharmaceuticals announce an agreement giving Novartis the right to market, sell and support Luitpold’s Adequan Canine
1/04 Merial and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receive FDA approval for Metacam (meloxicam) injectable for dogs
1/04 Farnam launches ComboCare (moxidectin + praziquantel) dewormer for horses
1/04 Nylabone Products launches 100% natural chew bones under the name Quest Multicare Dental Systems for Dogs
2/04 Bayer announces the launch of Healthy Life pet food line
2/04 Novartis announces the launch of Vicryl Plus Antibacterial Suture
2/04 Virbac Corp announces the launch of Keratolux Antiseborrheic Shampoo
2/04 Chr Hansen announced the launch of ProBios FS, a microbial product that reduces E. coli shedding in feedlot cattle
2/04 Synbiotics announces the availability in the EU of Serelisa Rabies Ab Mono Indirect ND, an ELISA rabies test that establishes whether dogs and cats have been successfully vaccinated against rabies
2/04 Prion Developmental Labs receives USDA approval for its Chronic Wasting Disease  Rapid Antigen Test
3/04 Elanco announces the launch of Elector (spinosad) insecticide for control of flies and lice on cattle
3/04 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for generic lincomycin injectable solution in  swine
3/04 Trouw Nutrition introduces Ultra Life Colostrum supplement for calves
3/04 Bio-Rad Labs receives USDA approval for TeSeE, a rapid-result BSE test
3/04 IDEXX receives USDA approval for its HerdChek BSE Antigen Test Kit
3/04 Fort Dodge receives USDA approval for Duramune Adult, the first USDA-licensed vaccine with three-year virus challenge data for parvo, distemper and adenovirus
4/04 Abbott labs receives USDA approval for Enfer BSE, a BSE rapid test
4/04 Prionics and Roche Diagnostics receives USDA approval for Prionics-Check Western and Prionics-Check LIA, both BSE tests
4/04 IDEXX announces the launch of SNAP ELISA for Giardia
4/04 Tridelta PLC announces the introduction of EquiTest-ES, a rapid pregnancy test for  horses
5/04 Intervet receives FDA approval for Vetsulin veterinary insulin
5/04 IDEXX receives FDA approval for Surpass (diclofenac) Topical Anti-Inflammatory Cream for horses
6/04 Boehringer Ingelheim receives FDA approval for Buscopan (N-butylscopolammonium bromide) for treating colic in horses
6/04 American Animal Health announces the launch of Soothables KPAD, a kaolin-pectin based antidiarrheal treatment for dogs and cats
6/04 Novartis announces the UK launch of Levitape (levamisole + praziquantel) dewormer for sheep
6/04 Veterinary Laboratories receives FDA approval for Sparmectin (generic ivermectin) oral solution as a dewormer for horses
6/04 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives FDA approval for generic acepromazine injectable solution for use in dogs, cats and horses
6/04 Farnam announces the launch of Ascend Gel nutrition supplements for horses
7/04 Trouw Nutrition announces the launch of Survivor Tubes multispecies oral gel nutritional supplement for neonates
7/04 IDEXX and Equine Biodiagnostics announce the launch of S. equi PCR and Culture ID test, and the S. equi ELISA antibody test for horses
7/04 Parnell Labs receives FDA approval for generic cloprostenol injectable solution for use in cattle 
7/04 Cross Vetpharm receives FDA approval for generic oxytocin injectable solution for use in ewes, sows, cows and horses
7/04 G.C. Hanford Manufacturing receives FDA approval for generic penicillin G for use in the drinking water of turkeys
7/04 Merial announces the launch of Duralease (estradiol benzoate) cattle implant
7/04 Novartis announces the launch of Vira Shield 6 3-way BVD vaccine for cattle
7/04 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for generic chewable ivermectin tablets for heartworm prevention in dogs
7/04 Fort Dodge announces the launch of Fel-O-Vax Lv-K/FIV vaccine against FeLV and FIV for cats
7/04 Pala-Tech announces the launch of Canine Joint Health Soft Chews nutritional supplement
7/04 Merial announces the launch of OraVet veterinary plaque prevention system
7/04 Nestle Purina PetCare announces the launch of Purina Veterinary Diets JM Joint Mobility Canine Formula dog food
8/04 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives FDA approval for romifidine hydrochloride injectable solution as a sedative and preanesthetic in horses
8/04 Altana receives FDA approval for generic gentamycin sulfate ophthalmic ointment for topical use
8/04 Farnam announces the launch of Vetrolin Green Spot Out and Vetrolin Detangler for horses
8/04 Merial receives FDA approval for firocoxib chewable tablets for control of pain and inflammation in dogs
8/04 Pfizer announces the launch of Excede (ceftiofur) Sterile Suspension for cattle and Excede (ceftiofur) for Swine
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