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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for September 16, 2005

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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA
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> Sygen International plc announced that group profit before tax, amortization and exceptional items for the financial year ended June 30, 2005 was up 66% to 11.1 million pounds ($20 million) at constant exchange rates, and at actual rates, profit before tax, amortization and exceptional items was up 54% to 10.3 million pounds ($18.6 million), compared with 6.7 million pounds last year. PIC’s operating performance for the year was stronger than anticipated at the half-year, with an improvement in operating profit of 42% over prior year at 21.0 million pounds ($37.9 million). (company website)
Brakke Consulting, Inc.
2006 U.S. Animal Health Manufacturers, Distributors & Services Directory – Updating Company Information
If your company was listed in our 2005 directory, then the president or another key person should have received their letter dated September 6th asking for current company information. Thank you to those who have already faxed them back to us.
To be included in Brakke’s 2006 directory at no charge, update your listing and fax it to 972.243.0925 by October 15th.  The 2006 directory will have current contact information, website addresses, general email addresses, company descriptions, and key personnel for 275 or more companies in the animal health, pet product, and related industries. To request information on how your company can be listed or to request an order form with prices, contact Jane Morgan at 972.243.4033 or email her at
> GangaGen Life Sciences Inc. announced the signing of a collaborative research, license and commercialization agreement with Elanco Animal Health to develop anti-bacterial products derived from bacteriophages, or phages.  Under the terms of the agreement, GangaGen and Elanco intend to jointly develop and commercialize phage-based products for the control of dangerous bacteria that pose problems for human and animal health. Financial terms were not disclosed. (PRNewswire)
> Banfield, The Pet Hospital is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2005 and will celebrate another milestone with the opening of its 500th full-service hospital in Broomsfield, Colorado on October 29th.  Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1955, Banfield is now the largest privately owned veterinary practice in the world.  (company press release)
> After 18 years in business as PETsMART, the company is emphasizing its smarts, by changing its name to PetSmart. In conjunction with the launch of the new brand, PetSmart will introduce a new national print and television advertising campaign.  Signs on all newly-built PetSmart stores will display the new PetSmart logo. The process for changing existing store signs will take place gradually, with completion expected in 2007.  (company website) 
> Spectrum Brands, Inc. announced that it has acquired Jungle Labs for $29 million.  Jungle Labs is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium water and fish care products, including water conditioners, plant and fish foods, fish medications and other products designed to maintain an optimal environment in aquariums or ponds. Jungle Labs generates annual revenues of approximately $14 million. (PETS International)  
> UK – BEEF REGULATIONS   The United Kingdom said it will drop a ban on selling meat from cattle more than 30 months of age, a measure intended to combat the spread of BSE.  The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said it would propose legislation that would ban the sale of meat for human consumption only from cattle born before July 31, 1996.  Meat from cattle more than 30 months old will be subject to tests for BSE starting in November. It hopes that the EU’s ban on the export of beef from cattle older than 30 months will be lifted next year. (Meating Place)
>  US – PIG GENOME   The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service launched a searchable online database called the “Porcine Immunology and Nutrition Database” that lets users compare information on 2,600 annotated swine genes and proteins related to nutrition and immunity. By providing information on pig genes and proteins, researchers can compare gene expression patterns in pigs with the more extensive information provided in human and rodent databases. (Pork Alert)
The growing knowledge of animal genomes is forcing veterinary researchers in to rethink their approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease. It’s change, and it’s challenging. But it is also invigorating because it opens their eyes to potential solutions that they never considered before.
Expanded knowledge can have the same invigorating impact on all areas of your business. The more you know, the fresher perspective you have, and the more new opportunities you uncover for novel strategies.
Do you routinely expand your knowledge in a structured way about your prospects, customers and markets? Do you benchmark your company against competitors on key attributes? Monitor evolution in the marketplace through tracking studies? Evaluate customer attitude shifts through qualitative and quantitative research? If not, you’d be amazed at how such knowledge can invigorate your business plan.
If you need assistance in knowledge-generation, we’d be happy to help.
Have a great weekend.
John Volk, Chicago
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