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 Brakke Consulting’s
 Animal Health News & Notes for January 7, 2005
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Agri Labs
Digital Angel
>  Neogen Corporation announced that second quarter revenues increased 29% to $17.1 million from $13.2 million in the prior year.  Year-to-date revenues for the first six months of Neogen’s 2005 fiscal year were $32.3 million, an increase of 27% compared to the prior year’s same six-month period. Sales of Hacco rodenticides and Hess & Clark agricultural disinfectants, acquired in November 2003, added substantially to Neogen’s Animal Safety revenues. Year-to-date, net income increased to $3,256,000.   The quarter is the 47th consecutive profitable quarter from operations for the company, and the 52nd quarter of the past 56 quarters to show increased revenues. (company press release)
The job site dedicated to the Animal Health Industry
Brakke Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of, a website that provides a single location on the web for animal health professionals and employers to find one another in an efficient, convenient manner. 
We believe this central site for the Animal Health Industry offers tremendous benefits to companies in acquiring the right people – efficiently and effectively.  The site is free to jobseekers, and offers a variety of flexible options to employers who are actively searching for the right candidates to fill their open positions.
To introduce this new service to the industry, we are waiving the $375 fee to post a job at until February 15, 2005.  Through this time, your company can post available positions at AnimalHealthJobs at NO CHARGE.
We invite you to follow the link below and visit the site to see for yourself how AnimalHealthJobs can streamline your recruiting or job search efforts.
>  Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. responded to recent news reports concerning its coxib-class canine NSAID, Deramaxx (deracoxib), by providing the veterinary community with information clarifying the issue. Safety concerns with human NSAIDs have led to questions about similar concerns with Deramaxx, suggesting that the cardiovascular risks suspected to be an issue in humans are also factors in dogs. In a letter sent to  veterinary clinics throughout the US, the company explained that heart attacks and hypertension are rarely issues in healthy dogs due to physiological differences in the canine heart and human heart, plus the fact that hypertension in humans is heavily influenced by lifestyle. Novartis further explained that its receipt of a warning letter from FDA was unrelated to safety concerns about specific Novartis products, and that instead, the letter identified areas where process improvements could be made to eliminate late regulatory reports.  The company is committed to working with FDA to resolve reporting issues. (company communication)
> Merial announced the introduction of a new, non-adjuvanted feline leukemia vaccine to its PUREVAX line of vaccines. PUREVAX Recombinant Leukemia vaccine is the first non-adjuvanted, USDA-approved, feline leukemia vaccine that offers the enhanced immune response of the VET JET transdermal vaccination system and advanced recombinant vaccine technology.  This new feline leukemia vaccine uses the VET JET transdermal vaccination system to target presentation of vaccine in the dermis, subcutaneous layer and muscle tissues, allowing rapid and comprehensive immunity. (company press release)
>  ImmuCell Corporation announced that it has entered into a product development and marketing agreement with Pfizer Animal Health for Mast Out, a Nisin-based treatment for mastitis in lactating dairy cows. ImmuCell granted Pfizer a worldwide, exclusive, long-term license to sell the product. Pfizer will be responsible for clinical, regulatory and commercial manufacturing development. ImmuCell will supply product for efficacy trials that are expected to begin in the first half of 2005. The transaction entails ImmuCell receiving an up front payment from Pfizer as well as contingent milestone payments and royalties on sales. (company website)
>  Agri Laboratories Ltd announced that the USDA has granted a conditional license for a salmonella vaccine developed through a new process using SRP technology. The Salmonella Newport Bacterial Extract vaccine will be available through veterinarians and animal health suppliers. Agri Labs partnered with the creator of the SRP technology, Epitopix LLC, to introduce this new vaccine to the dairy and beef industries. SRP vaccines are highly purified extracts of specialized bacterial proteins known as Siderophore Receptors and Porins (SRPs).  (company press release)  
>   The Iams Company announced the launch of Iams Savory Sauces, a convenient and healthy way to enhance palatability in your dog’s bowl. This “canine condiment,”  served over dry food, is a nutritious, low-fat meal-maker enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Packaged in an easy-pour plastic bottle, Iams Savory Sauce offers wet-food taste any time, any place.  Dogs are guaranteed to love it, or owners get their money back. (company press release)  
>  Digital Angel Corporation announced that it has delivered more than 265,000 of its Radio Frequency Identification tags (“e-tags”) to its Canadian distributors during the months of November and December. The Company also announced that its global e-tag business increased by more than 400% in 2004 (as compared to 2003). (AnimalNet)
>  EU  IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. announced that it has been notified by the European Commission that the Commission will approve the IDEXX HerdChek BSE Antigen Test Kit.  HerdChek, a rapid test for accurate postmortem detection of BSE, detects the presence of the abnormal proteins believed to cause BSE.  Approval of the Commission will be formalized upon translation and publication of the approval in the Official Journal. The Company expects that publication, and the completion of applicable country-specific approval processes, will occur in the first quarter of 2005. The product was approved by the USDA for BSE testing in the US in March 2004. The Company estimates that approximately 10 million BSE tests are performed annually in the EU. (company press release) 
Animal Agriculture Alliance
Fourth Annual Stakeholders Summit
March 21 – 23, 2005
The Animal Agriculture Alliance (Alliance) announced plans to host its fourth industry-wide Stakeholders Summit.  This year’s Summit is focused specifically on animal welfare and its importance to all stakeholders in the food chain.   This day and a half conference, “Animal Welfare Initiatives, Needs, Regulation and Communication: Building on the Past, Preparing for the Future,” is scheduled for March 21 – 23, at the Marriott Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Registration for the Summit can  be made securely via the Alliance website at
>  CANADA – BSE CONFIRMED  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed that the suspected case of BSE found in an Alberta dairy cow has tested positive for the disease. The animal was about 8 years old and was born before the ban on bovine products in cattle feed was instituted. The discovery is not expected to endanger the recent decision by the USDA to reopen the border to cattle under 30 months of age. (Meating Place)
>  CHINA – US POULTRY IMPORTS   China has now confirmed that poultry imports from the US can enter the country once again.  China first said it would allow US poultry imports to resume Nov. 8, but Chinese officials did not begin issuing necessary documentation to such imports until Dec. 27. Imports of all US poultry had been banned since February because of avian influenza outbreaks. Poultry from Connecticut and Rhode Island remains prohibited because of reported cases of the H7N2 strain of avian influenza, according to Chinese government agencies.  (Meating Place)
Brakke Consulting will once again be presenting our annual overview of the Animal Health Industry at the 2005 North American Veterinary Conference and also at the Western Veterinary Conference. There will be a single presentation at each of the conferences.
The Overview will be presented at the NAVC on Monday, January 10 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. 
The Overview will be presented at the WVC on Tuesday, February 22 from 9:30 – 11:30 am.
Registration fees are $325 for early registration for the first attendee from a company, and $300 for additional attendees.  Early registration for the NAVC Overview has ended; early registration ends February 9th for the WVC Overview. 
To register, please visit our website at or call Jane Morgan at
We look forward to seeing many of you in Orlando next week.  The North American Veterinary Conference is always a great kickoff to a new year.
We understand that there will be exciting new announcements from several companies on products and programs for 2005.  Based on the current market conditions, we see 2005 as another growth year that could well exceed the revenue increases reported in 2004.
It is innovative products and technology that allow the industry to produce incremental sales over prior years.  In addition, new technologies and products must always improve the health and quality of car for all animals.
We look forward to participating with each of our clients in 2005.
Ron Brakke
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