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Changing Pet Ownership Study, April 2016

Brakke Consulting, Inc., the foremost animal health industry consulting and research firm and Trone Brand Energy, a leading pet category advertising and marketing insights company, conducted a study last year to help predict the future of the U.S. pet pharmaceutical marketplace. They are joining forces again to gather even more pet owner insights. New research, the Changing Pet Ownership Study, explores the evolutionary change in pet owner attitudes, lifestyle and purchase behavior and the implications to future pet ownership.

This study helps manufacturers and all who participate in the veterinary and pet supply industries to better understand the evolution and convergence of pet owner life stages and lifestyles. The study addresses how pet owners and the pet population are likely to change, how to best communicate with these groups in the future as well as where pet owners will obtain information and how they will make their purchase decisions.

Key analyses determine:

  • Differences in pet ownership including size and type of animal owned
  • Generational and lifestyle-based behaviors and attitudes, including pet-drug purchasing
  • How to best communicate with the “early adopter of new product purchase channels” (previously identified in the 2015 Pet Pharmacy Study)
  • The reasons why non-pet owners do not own pets, future intent of pet ownership and what could prompt pet ownership in the future
  • Differences in Hispanic pet owners such as types of animals owned and where they find information on pet health and pet health products

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