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We are the experts in Animal Health

Established in 1986, Brakke Consulting is the premier consulting firm serving the animal health and related industries. Led by founder Ron Brakke for more than 30 years, the firm is made up of a team of seasoned professionals with strong credentials in management, finance, sales, distribution, marketing, brand development, communications, and market research. Brakke Consulting serves the CEOs, managers, stockholders and investors of nearly every leading pharmaceutical, vaccine and pet food company, as well as many animal nutrition suppliers serving the animal health market.

Today, Dr. Robert (Bob) Jones leads the Brakke Consulting organization, working with founder Ron Brakke and a highly experienced team of consultants to support animal health and nutrition companies throughout the industry in their efforts to manage healthy, growing and profitable businesses.

We have been a part of five landmark studies over the years:

Merck Animal Heath Veterinary Wellbeing Study (2018)

• The first representative study of the veterinary profession that measured the prevalence of mental illness and level of wellbeing. The study highlighted the negative effects of social media and financial pressures on mental health and also offered suggestions to improve wellbeing of veterinarians.

Veterinary Economics-Veterinary Pet Insurance Financial Health Study (2103)

• For the first time, this study examined household income and debt of veterinarians, not just their practice revenues and personal salaries. The study also identified that nearly 30% of women veterinarians do not consider themselves the primary or shared breadwinner of the household, regardless of income.

Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study (2011)

• The study identified and documented the root causes for a notable decline in visits to veterinary clinics and offered ideas that could help reverse the trend.

AVMA Pfizer Business Practices Study (2004)

• This pioneering study documented that the business practices most related to income were still not widely accepted by veterinarians, regardless of practice type. This study also identified a widening gender-related salary gap.

Brakke Management and Behaviour Study (1998)

• This study identified that low incomes of companion animal veterinarians were the result of poor business practices, not personal (e.g. “nurturing”) characteristics. The study highlighted problems with poor management capabilities and discriminatory pricing.


"Brakke Consulting Animal Health News & Notes” provides a summary of relevant articles, as well as the Brakke Consulting Viewpoint on the news and major industry meetings. The newsletter is available at no charge to individuals involved in the animal health industry.
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