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Greensboro, NC
October 9, 2019

A new research study from Brakke Consulting is mapping the changing dynamics of pet product distribution and retailing, especially health and nutrition products.

Pet Health Products: Changing Channels aims to show how pet owner purchasing patterns are changing in light of new sales channels, as well as new ways to obtain veterinary services.

“The rapid emergence of, the entrance of Walmart and others into veterinary care and the recent formation of Covetrus, Inc., are all events that are disrupting the way pet owners buy products, especially health and nutrition products,” says Dr. Robert Jones, president of Brakke Consulting.

“Not only do veterinarians have more and better ways to serve their clients, there are now new players actively competing with veterinarians and traditional pet retailers in several categories,” he said.

The new Brakke study includes nationally representative surveys of 1,000 pet owners and 500 veterinarians. Findings will be segmented by pet owner purchaser segments, regions of the country and type of veterinary service provider.

Among topics covered in the pet owner research are:

  • Where are pet owners purchasing health and nutrition-related products, at what frequency and at what spending level?
  • Has their preferred channel changed within the last year, and how?
  • How important are convenience, online ordering and home delivery?
  • Does where they get their veterinary services impact where they buy products?
  • What role does the veterinarian play in influencing brand choice, regardless of purchase location?

Topics covered in the veterinarian survey include:

  • Percentage of revenue from product sales
  • Impact of outside services (Chewy, 1800PetMeds, etc.) on product sales
  • Availability of online sales and home delivery through practice
  • Sales volume of home delivered products, and trends
  • Service providers used, if any
  • Satisfaction with service providers

“This comprehensive pet owner and veterinarian study will help us understand how and why pet owners make purchasing decisions for health and pet food products, and how they impact veterinarians and retailers,” said Dr. Jones. “This will be a unique and very timely report.”

Pet Health Products: Changing Channels will be available by December 31, 2019. Cost per report is $10,000. Subscribers that order by Oct. 28, 2019 and pay in full earn a $500 early order discount.

For more information about Pet Health Products: Changing Channels, contact John Volk, Brakke Consulting,, (773) 327-4941.

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