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Are you on top of the trends in the largest market segment in companion animal health?  Brakke Consulting will soon be publishing our 2020 report on the US Flea Control and Heartworm Markets.

The report includes valuable information on the US market for small animal parasiticides including:

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– 2020 survey of 300+ veterinarians
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The report on the US Flea Control & Heartworm Markets will be available for a purchase price of $7,495 if ordered by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, and $7,995 after that date.

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  • Vetoquinol reported results for the third quarter of 2020. Revenues were EUR 114.5 million ($134.1 million), up by 14% on a reported basis (+19% at constant exchange). Sales of the company’s essentials products climbed 27% on a constant basis to EUR 58.5 million ($68.5 million), driven by 14% like-for-like growth, as well as the contribution of Profender and Drontal products sales acquired from Elanco earlier in the year. (IHS Markit Connect)
  • Nestlé reported results for the first nine months of FY2020. Pet Care sales were CHF 10.4 billion ($11.3 billion), an increase of 4% compared to the prior-year period (+11% organic growth). (company website)
  • Orion Animal Health reported results for the third quarter of 2020. Revenues were EUR 26.2 million ($31 million), an increase of 42% boosted by partner deliveries. (IHS Markit Connect)

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  • The FDA has approved Elanco‘s Elura (capromorelin oral solution), the second drug approved for management of weight loss in cats and the first drug approved specifically for the management of weight loss in cats with chronic kidney disease. Capromorelin is a ghrelin receptor agonist known to increase appetite and weight gain and is approved as Entyce for appetite stimulation in dogs. (FDA)
  • Kemin Industries and Pacific GeneTech (PGT) announced they have expanded their commercial partnership to include the latter’s Eimeria vaccine for poultry. The two firms have an existing pact for PGT’s TMH001 inactivated oral Salmonella vaccine for poultry. (IHS Markit Connect)
  • Veramaris announced that the Veramaris Pets ingredient, Marine microalgae oil, had been the subject of an Animal GRAS notification which has now been evaluated by the FDA. Following this process, it has received a Letter of “No Questions” from the FDA’s Center of Veterinary Medicine’s Division of Animal Feeds, meaning that customers may now incorporate the product into dog food. (company press release)
  • Pet King Brands discovered listings for three of its proprietary Zymox ear products on Amazon’s website, reportedly identified through Pet King Brands’ quality and safety enforcement program. Amazon as a business entity is not an approved authorized seller of the items; and Amazon has since removed the listings and issued refunds to customers who were sold and shipped the products. (Veterinary Practice News)
  • Premier Veterinary Group (PVG) announced it has successfully completed on the acquisition of Simplyhealth’s animal health business. The acquisition makes PVG the largest global provider of preventative healthcare plans in the industry, operating across six countries, including the USA, with a dataset in excess of 2M pets on plan. Financial terms were not disclosed. (company press release)
  • Group Nine Media Inc, owner of The Dodo, announced it has taken a minority stake in Petplan, a pet insurer that was acquired by private-equity firm Warburg Pincus LLC last year. The pet insurer will be renamed “Fetch by The Dodo” in May 2021. Financial terms were not disclosed. (Pet Products SmartBrief –
  • Pet Age announced the launch of Total Pet Market, an exploratory online platform that offers pet manufacturers opportunities to showcase their products to a diverse buying audience of pet retailers in a new year-round, easily accessible, digital sourcing solution. (PRNewswire)
  • UK Pets Choice has purchased the assets and goodwill of pet accessory business The Animate Company, a pet accessories company. Financial terms were not disclosed. (GlobalPets)
  • ISRAEL NovaQuest Capital Management announced a $20 million product financing agreement with Mileutis Ltd, an Israeli biopharmaceutical company developing a product to treat and prevent bovine mastitis. NovaQuest’s investment will finance the development and commercialization of Mileutis’ biologically sourced therapies for animal health. (




  • US – CWD The USDA’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is providing nearly $2.8 million to 17 states and one tribe to conduct research and management activities to combat chronic wasting disease (CWD). These funds will allow these partners to further develop and implement CWD management, response and research activities, including surveillance and testing. APHIS gave priority to states and tribes that have detected CWD and have a CWD monitoring and control program or that propose to create a control program. (Feedstuffs)
  • US – CANINE OSTEOARTHRITIS RESEARCH A newly published interdisciplinary study out of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) says heightened levels of lubricin, the protein that lubricates joints and is present in all mammals, might serve as a precursor of joint disease. In three canine patients, researchers observed dramatic increase in the level of lubricin in the time between their initial injuries, but before any signs of arthritis appeared in their X-rays. The researchers also saw increased lubricin in dogs months to years after they injured their ACLs [anterior cruciate ligaments]. The findings have been published in Scientific Reports. (Veterinary Practice News)
  • US – EQUINE RESEARCH Researchers at the University of California have identified a genetic cause for equine familial isolated hypoparathyroidism, a fatal condition in thoroughbreds. Genetic testing can now be performed at the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory to identify horses with the variant to avoid mating carriers. The research was published in published in PLoS Genetics. (Vet Advantage)


Today’s newsletter contains more good news as companies reporting results this week continue the trend of showing increased sales compared to the same period in 2019.  While we are still a long way from defeating COVID-19, our industry is clearly not defeated by the virus!  Continued growth in the face of this pandemic is nothing short of remarkable.

Jim Kroman


Our answers to last week’s question (Could other industries with longer supply lead times meet an unexpected 32% increase in a business sector?) shows the expected answer from our industry, as 80% of respondents say there would be a significant challenge to change supply requirements.  Given the lead times in an industry like ours with regulatory requirements that mandate substantial QA and QC tests for regulated products like pharmaceuticals, feed additives, and vaccines, the agility shown by our industry is significant.

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