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Animal Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain Interruptions: An Interactive Seminar on why Interruptions Occur and  Best Practices for Mitigation


SEPTEMBER 26, 2019


Supply chain interruptions can cause significant impact for the health and well-being of animals. This hands-on workshop will utilize current industry case studies to engage participants in analyzing supply chain interruptions to understand why they occur; what can be done to prevent them; and ways to enhance communication in the process. Attendees will also hear from experts on the topic from Industry, K-State and FDA CVM to share animal health supply chain best practices, as well as discuss risk management tools.

Early registration (by Sept. 6) for the day-long seminar is $200 which includes lunch; registration after this date is $250.

For more information or to register, go to


Company Earnings Releases

  • Phibro Animal Health Corporation announced its financial results for its fiscal year ended June 30, 2019. Net sales were $828 million, an increase of 1% compared to the prior year. Net income was $55 million, a decrease of 16%. Animal Health net sales for the year were $532 million, comparable to the prior year. (company press release)
  • Patterson Companies, Inc. reported results for its fiscal first quarter ended July 27, 2019. Reported net sales in the Animal Health segment were $817.5 million, a decline of 1% (0% foreign currency adjusted) compared to the first quarter of last year. (company press release)
  • The J. M. Smucker Company announced results for the first quarter ended July 31, 2019, of its 2020 fiscal year. US retail pet foods were $670 million, a decrease of $1.3 million. Excluding the contribution from Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, LLC , which was acquired on May 14, 2018, net sales declined $26.7 million. Segment profit was $120.1 million, an increase of $19.7 million. (company website)


Brakke Consulting

Market Research Reports

Brakke Consulting is an industry leader in timely market research on topics of high interest to stakeholders in the animal health, pet and veterinary markets.  Reports published in the past two years include:

  • Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats (May 2019)
  • Field Sales and Veterinary Teams (January 2019)
  • US Flea Control and Heartworm Markets (December 2018)
  • Manufacturer Sales Force Effectiveness Study (December 2018)
  • The Companion Animal Veterinary Telehealth Landscape (October 2018)
  • Veterinary Practice Home Delivery (May 2018)
  • Veterinary Technical Services Study (March 2018)
  • Equine Mega Study IV (January 2018)
  • Distributor Effectiveness Study (December 2017)
  • Cancer in Dogs and Cats (October 2017)
  • New Strategies for Health & Performance in US Livestock & Poultry Production (Jan 2017)

Prices for reports vary. For more information about these or other reports, visit our website at or contact us at


Company News Release

  • Boehringer Ingelheim announced that long-term animal health leader Joachim Hasenmaier will retire at the end of the year. Jean Scheftsik de Szolnok, currently Boehringer’s country managing director in France, will assume the role as head of the company’s animal health unit on January 1, 2020. (Animal Pharm)
  • Dechra announced it has acquired Ampharmco, a veterinary contract manufacturer specializing in companion animal products, for $30 million in cash. Ampharmco currently has two FDA approvals: Gentamicin-Betamethasone Topical Spray and Carprofen Chewable Tablets. (
  • Altaire Pharmaceuticals announced a voluntary recall of some of its veterinary ophthalmic drug products and lots over quality assurance concerns. The products, which are manufactured and labeled exclusively for Dechra Veterinary Products, include certain lots of: Vetropolycin Ophthalmic Ointment; Vetropolycin HC Ophthalmic Ointment; and Puralube Vet Ophthalmic Ointment. (Veterinary Practice News)
  • Piedmont Animal Health announce an exclusive collaboration with Hokusan to bring plant-made-pharmaceuticals to the US market. The two firms will develop, manufacture and commercialize recombinant interferon-alpha in the US for the treatment of gingivitis in dogs. The product,  InterBerry α, is currently distributed in Japan by DS Pharma Animal Health. They will also work together on other potential oral indications. (Animal Pharm)
  • Oasmia Pharmaceutical announced it has delisted its American Depositary Shares (ADSs) from the Nasdaq stock exchange to “reduce complexity” in financial reporting and administrative costs. Oasmia’s ordinary shares will continue to trade on the Nasdaq Stockholm. (Animal Pharm)
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new $20 million, 25,000 square foot nutrition facility focused on small dog needs, as well as a new center for veterinarian and other caregiver engagement. The nutrition center will house 80 small dogs who will receive formulated diets as part of the company’s research. (Vet Advantage)
  • Nutramax Labs announced the launch of Welactin Advanced 3TA concentrated fish oil supplement. (company announcement)
  • MedinCell announced a partnership with Cornerstone Animal Health to develop a range of best-in-class long-acting injectable veterinary products using MedinCell’s BEPO proprietary technology. The first long-acting injectable will be a 5-7 day product targeting acute pain for pets and is based on a widely used active ingredient. (
  • VCA Animal Hospitals announced it is launching 35 VCA Pet CancerCare Centers across North America, which will be staffed by multidisciplinary oncology teams. The facilities will operate under the guidance of board-certified oncologists.(Veterinary Practice News)
  • Hendrix Genetics has entered into an agreement with New Zealand research institute Plant & Food Research to co-develop underwater vision technology for measuring aquaculture breeding stock. (Animal Pharm)
  • Vetter Software and ZNLabs announced they have partnered to provide an automated solution for ordering and receiving reference labs from ZNLabs through Vetter Software’s cloud practice management software. (company announcement)
  • CHINA  Yangling Jinhai Bio-Technology has entered an exclusive distribution deal with Elanco for its foot-and-mouth in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Jinhai is a joint venture between Argentina’s Biogénesis Bagó and China’s Shanghai Hile Bio-Technology(Animal Pharm)


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Animal Health News

  • US – VETERINARY EDUCATION  Veterinary students at Lincoln Memorial University are studying anatomy by constructing the canine musculoskeletal system with reusable skeletal models and clay.  The technique allows students to study anatomy without having to use cadavers. (Vet Advantage)


Brakke Consulting Viewpoint

Many of you eading this might have been in Kansas City this week at the Homecoming event on Monday and the Investment Forum on Tuesday. The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor team, led by Kim Young and it’s Board President, Scott Borman, organized two days where we could learn about our industry, have a great Homecoming Dinner, honor Iron Paw winner Dr. Linda Rhodes, listen to early stage animal companies in the animal health space and, of course, network.

In the Viewpoint two years ago, I remember writing about the winning company and the impact it had on me. The winner in 2017 was a new startup named PupPod and their winning business concept had nothing to do with drug development, which is my background. The product they started to sell – and still are – was a red rubber KONG Wobbler toy that had electronics in it that allowed it to make noise, light up and otherwise encourage a dog to play with it and ultimately be rewarded for this playful behavior. I recall being amazed how technology is working its way into the companion animal health industry with a goal of changing behavior.

Well, this year’s winner surprised me even more because of how technology is making its way into pig production. A company named SwineTech won the contest by elegantly explaining an amazing technology-enabled device to be used in a farrowing house. They are conducting trials with a device that listens for the squealing sound of a newborn pig being laid on by the sow and through a wireless device attached to the sow, that then makes her stand up. Today, death loss due to crushing is about 9%, so there is an economic need. It also used non-infrared video to monitor parturition. If you would like to learn more about this company, go to

We are just beginning to see the application of technology to both the companions and farm animal industries. It’s going to be great.

Bob Jones


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