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Brakke Consulting will present the 2014 US Animal Health Industry Overview twice this winter – once at the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Florida and once at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. These dates are:
• NAVC: Monday, January 19, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Gaylord Palms.
• WVC: Tuesday, February 17, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Four Seasons.

Registration for the Industry Overview at the NAVC and WVC is now open. Seating is very limited this year, so register early!

To register, go to and scroll down to the “What’s New” box. The price is $385 per person for online registration; late registration is $425.
> Novartis announced that it has completed the divestment of its Animal Health Division to Eli Lilly and Company (parent of Elanco) for approximately $5.4 billion. Immediately thereafter, Eli Lilly announced the completion of the divestiture of Sentinel Flavor Tabs and Sentinel Spectrum in the US to Virbac for $410 million. (company press releases, Bidness ETC)
> Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica plans to invest more than $111 million to upgrade and expand its facilities in Fort Dodge and Ames, Iowa. In addition to equipment upgrades, the company plans to build a 12,000-square-foot expansion of freeze-drying facilities and a 32,215-square-foot expansion of its Veterinary Research Center. (Veterinary Advantage – Des Moines Register)  
> Ceva announced the launch of Tildren (tiludronate disodium) for the treatment of navicular syndrome in horses. (Veterinary Practice News)
> Abbott’s Animal Health division announced the launch of Simbadol (buprenorphine injection), the first and only FDA-approved opioid analgesic for cats to provide 24-hour pain control in a single dose. (company press release) 
> Norbrook Laboratories, Ltd. announced the availability of new Carprieve (carprofen) Injection for Dogs. (company press release)
> Bimeda announced the launch of LevaMed Soluble Drench Powder, a broad spectrum anthelmintic for oral use in cattle and sheep that is effective against a variety of nematodes. (company press release) 
> VetImmune introduced Polyprenyl Immunostimulant, an oral liquid therapeutic for cats and kittens with rhinotracheitis. (Veterinary Practice News)
> Jaguar Animal Health, Inc., announced that it has initiated the filing of the Company’s first New Animal Drug Application (NADA) with the FDA. The filing was submitted for Jaguar’s Canalevia prescription drug candidate, a proposed minor-use minor-species (MUMS) drug for treatment of watery diarrhea in dogs undergoing chemotherapy. Canalevia is a canine-specific formulation of crofelemer, an active pharmaceutical ingredient isolated and purified from the Croton lechleri tree. (company press release)
> Nexvet announced plans to raise roughly $60 million from an initial public offering (IPO) of its shares on the NASDAQ exchange. Proceeds will be used to advance its lead product candidate (NV-01) for the control of pain associated with osteoarthritis in dogs, as well as to develop other pipeline products. (Animal Pharm) 
> Cargill announced it has abandoned its bid for animal feed supplier Nutreco. Cargill previously had bid for Nutreco jointly with private equity firm Permira, and later said it was considering bidding on its own. SHV Holdings, Nutreco’s biggest shareholder with 15.3% of its issued share capital, remains as the sole bidder for Nutreco. (Watt AgNet)
> Midmark Corporation introduced the Midmark 255 LED Procedure Light. The light offers a combination of optics, that enhance the ability to see color variations in tissue, which can lead to a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. (company press release)
> Patterson Veterinary announced a partnership with Mocom, a leading manufacturer of sterilization units. Through this agreement Patterson Veterinary will exclusively offer the Mocom B Classic 28 sterilizer. (company press release)  
> Private-equity firm Catterton reported the sale of veterinary practice network PetVet Care Centers to Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan in a deal roughly $440 million in value. The $440 million price tag translates into roughly 11 times PetVet’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. (
> EU The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced the approval of Boehringer Ingelheim’s Bovela, a new vaccine against Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD). Bovela is the first vaccine registered in the European Union containing both genotypes of the BVD virus (BVDV-1 and BVDV-2). (
> US – AVIAN INFLUENZA   The H5 strain of avian influenza has been found in backyard poultry flocks in southeast Washington and in Oregon after previously showing up in wild birds in northwest Washington. Both outbreaks were in backyard flocks of 100 – 200 birds. (AVMA SmartBrief – AP;
> JAPAN – AVIAN INFLUENZA  Avian influenza H5N8 has been found on a chicken farm in western Japan. The flock of 4,000 susceptible chickens was culled. The premises were disinfected and quarantine control is being employed 10km around the farm. (Animal Pharm)
> US, DENMARK – EQUINE GENOME   The Morris Animal Foundation has awarded a three-year, $155,000 grant to a team of Kentucky and Danish researchers to build a new reference genome sequence for the domestic horse. (Vet Advantage)
> US – PEDV  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a report claiming the discovery of a new porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) strain. The report, published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, details the detection of the three PEDv strains identified to date. It is unknown if the new strain of PEDv, detected in early 2013, exists outside of the Minnesota-based herd it was originally found in. (Animal Pharm)
> US – FELINE KIDNEY DISEASE  Oregon State University and IDEXX Laboratories have identified a biomarker that may help veterinarians diagnose chronic kidney disease in cats much earlier than is currently possible. The biomarker, SDMA, identified the onset of kidney disease an average of 17 months earlier than current testing using creatinine levels. The research was published in The Veterinary Journal. (Veterinary Practice News)
> US – VETERINARY SCHOOLS  Midwestern and Lincoln Memorial veterinary colleges, which opened in August 2014, have earned provisional accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on Education. Full accreditation could come in 2018 when the inaugural classes graduate. (Veterinary Practice News)
> US – INTERNET DOMAIN NAMES   The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which oversees what are known as generic top-level domains, recently approved hundreds of new Internet address extensions, including .vet. The extension .vet became available to the public on Oct. 22. (Vet Advantage – VIN News)

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The first newsletter of the New Year covers some major industry stories. The completion of the acquisition of Novartis Animal Health by Elanco (animal health division of Eli Lilly) represented the largest acquisition in dollars ($5.4 billion) in the history of the industry. The divestiture of the Sentinel line of products to Virbac by Elanco is a game-changing event for the Virbac US operations. Both of these transactions will keep the two acquiring organizations busy with integration for the next few months, if not all of 2015.

The completion of these transactions causes one to wonder about who will be next to be acquired or divested in animal health. We will provide our views and thoughts in our 2015 Animal Health Industry Overview in Orlando on January 19th. As part of the 2015 overview we will also be covering the results of a survey of animal health executives we conducted in late 2014. We believe you will find the results of these interviews interesting and useful in your own firms’ planning processes. If you haven’t already done so we encourage you to register and attend this informative session.
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