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Animal Health News & Notes for September 13, 2013

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Brakke Consulting, Inc., and Ipsos Agriculture and Animal Health announce the upcoming publication of the third edition of the Equine Market MegaStudy, a comprehensive study of horse owner buying and decision-making behavior. This highly popular survey includes over 400 brands of equine products in 17 categories. The study also measures readership of equine publications, catalogs and websites, and provides a wealth of information on horse owner demographics and segments.

The study will be fielded in October, with completion by December 15. Companies that order by September 20 and pay in advance receive a $1,000 early-order discount. Advance purchasers also have an opportunity to review the questionnaire prior to fielding the study. Upon publication, the price of the study is $12,000.

For more information, contact project manager John Volk at or 773-327-4941.
> Dechra Pharmaceuticals announced financial results for its fiscal 2013 full year ended June 30, 2013.  Total revenue was GBP 522 million ($794 million), an increase of 19% over the prior year.  Total revenue from continuing operations was GBP 189 million ($287 million), an increase of 52% over the prior year. Total EBITDA was GBP 54.6 million ($83.0 million), an increase of 38% over the prior year. (company website) 
> Ridley Inc. reported its financial results for the year ended June 30, 2013. Revenue for the year was $575 million, an increase of 9% compared to the prior fiscal year. Net income from continuing operations was $18.7 million compared to net income of $9.4 million in the prior year. (company website) 
> Del Monte Foods reported results for the first quarter fiscal 2014 ended July 28, 2013. Pet Products net sales were $481 million, an increase of 5% compared to the prior year period. The increase in Pet Products was primarily driven by net pricing as well as the acquisition of Natural Balance. (Business Wire) 
> Merck Animal Health announced the launch of Circumvent PCV G2, the first porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) vaccine for use in pigs as early as 3 days of age. The new vaccine offers one- or two-dose administration options with five-month duration of immunity. (company press release) 
> Bimeda announced the launch of ClindaMed (clindamycin) Oral Drops to treat a variety of disease conditions in dogs and cats. ClindaMed is available in 20 mL vials. (company press release)
> Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. and concerned shareholders William (Bill) M. Wells and Greg Gubitz jointly announced that they have reached a settlement that both sides believe is beneficial to all of the Company’s shareholders. Details can be found on the company’s website. (MarketWatch)
> DermaZoo announced several new product lines. The GlycoZoo line of veterinary dermatology products utilizes 2% glycolic and boric acids with ceramides. T.E.C. dental products are a unique combined dental formulation providing antibacterial action, plaque and calculus prevention. DermaFlush Premixed Saline Packets are “salt” crystals providing an economic, convenient and easy-to¬travel form of saline when added to water. (company press release) 
> Peruvian company Agrovet Market Animal Health announced it has secured a US invention patent for the composition and use of formulated bioadhesive gel based on doramectin. The gel is used in the firm’s DoraQuest LA oral dewormer. The product adheres to a horse’s mouth, facilitating dosage of doramectin. The application is patent pending in 55 countries. (Animal Pharm)  
> US – EEE   Reports of confirmed cases of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) have continued to increase in the US. According to the US Geologic Survey Disease Maps, 77 cases of EEE have been confirmed in 14 states thus far in 2013. (Vet Advantage)
> US – CANINE MYSTERY ILLNESS  The Ohio Department of Agriculture has reported a possible new viral disease of dogs that is causing sickness and fatalities in at least two areas of the state. The virus is provisionally believed to be a circovirus that causes an acute necrotizing vasculitis, with symptoms including bloody diarrhea and vomiting, extreme lethargy, neurological problems and reduced appetite. (Animal Pharm)
> US – FELINE PARASITES  Researchers at the University of Florida have identified a new species of Tritrichomonas parasite in domestic cats. The new species, Tritrichomonas blagburni, causes an intestinal disease that results in chronic diarrhea, flatulence and fecal incontinence. (Veterinary Practice News)
> US – PET SALES  The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has revised the definition of “retail pet store” under the Animal Welfare Act to bring animals involved in Internet transactions under the Animal Welfare Act so that they can be monitored by the Agency for health and humane treatment. (APPA e-update)
> US – COOL LEGISLATION  A district court judge denied a petition for a preliminary injunction on whether or not to allow the USDA to move forward with implementation of a rule that would require the labeling of where an animal is born, raised and slaughtered (“COOL”) in the meat case. Plaintiffs, led by American Meat Institute, argued that the rule violates their First Amendment rights by compelling speech as well as exceeds the agency’s authority and breaks the Administrative Procedures Act by being arbitrary and onerous. (Feedstuffs)
> US – PRRS RESEARCH   An Ohio State University researcher has created a unique vaccine to protect swine from porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS). Unlike the current live vaccines used to prevent PRRS, the new vaccine uses an inactivated virus to eliminate adverse reactions in pigs such as abortion, sick piglets and further spread of the disease. The new vaccine is also enclosed in biodegradable nanoparticles, which improves its efficacy and its absorption by a pig’s immune system. (Vet Advantage – university press release)
> US – VETERINARY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT  Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Krannert School of Management have teamed up to offer a Veterinary Practice Management Program. (Veterinary Practice News)

Brakke Consulting is an excellent resource for your company’s strategic planning. Some of the services we offer include:
– Reviewing revenue estimates and success probability of your product pipeline
– Reviewing the timing of various new product introductions and estimate the impact of various scenarios
– Benchmarking various functions against company competitors in the larger markets

Through strategic planning, Brakke Consulting can help improve the likelihood of success for your company’s future endeavors.

This week’s newsletter covers many topics – positive earnings reports from three major companies, an important court ruling in the long-standing battle about Country-of-Origin-Labeling (COOL), research information about important animal diseases, and several other subjects. All point to a robust industry, and the need for continued product and management innovation. That includes veterinary practice. The new practice management program announced by Purdue’s veterinary college and business school represents a valuable opportunity for current and future practice owners to sharpen their skills.

For those of you in the equine business, today starts the final week to capitalize on the early order program for the Equine Market MegaStudy. Conducted by Brakke Consulting and Ipsos Agriculture and Animal Health, this is one of our most popular studies. It is regarded as the leading source of information on purchases of animal health and nutrition products by horse owners. As an early order participant, you will not only save money, but have an opportunity to review the questionnaire as well. Send in your order today!

John Volk

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