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Animal Health News & Notes for April 3, 2015
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MAY 6-7, 2015

The Animal Agriculture Alliance’s Annual Stakeholders Summit will be held May 6-7, 2015 in Kansas City, MO. This year’s theme is “The Journey to Extraordinary”. The event will explore animal agriculture’s continuous efforts to embrace new technologies that will help feed a growing population while measuring sustainability, engage consumers in innovative ways to bridge the knowledge gap, and highlight initiatives that demonstrate agriculture’s commitment to transparency.

For more information please visit Early registration and special hotel rates close April 8th.
> Smithfield Foods, Inc. reported results for the full year 2014. Sales for 2014 were $15.0 billion, up 8%. Net income was $556 million, compared to net income of $121 million last year. (Feedstuffs) 

Ron Brakke will present Brakke Consulting’s 2015 US Animal Health Industry Overview in Tokyo, Japan on April 15, 2015. The 2+ hour Overview will begin at 1:00 PM.
For information on attending, please contact Dr. Yuki Ujimasa at
> Bimeda announced the launch of Flunazine (flunixin meglumine) Equine Paste to alleviate inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders in horses. (company press release)  
> Animal Supply Company announced that it has acquired Wilson Pet Supply, based in Hanover, IL. This acquisition expands Animal Supply’s service throughout the Midwest with significant focus in the Chicago area. Financial terms were not disclosed. (Yahoo finance)
> MEP Equine Solutions announced that they have received a $100,000 Small Business Innovation Research Phase I grant from the USDA to introduce the Parasight System. The Parasight System is a smartphone-based fecal egg diagnostic and intestinal parasite management tool for veterinarians. This on-site veterinarian based solution provides rapid, quantitative fecal egg counts in animals. (PRNewswire)  
> Multi Radiance Medical announced a rental program that sends pet owners home with a handheld TQ Solo laser so they can administer low-level laser therapy to their dogs and cats at home. The TQ Solo is designed for pain relief and healing. The company states that pet owners are directed from a website to a participating veterinarian to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan and to rent the device. (Veterinary Practice News)  
> EU  Merck (MSD Animal Health) announced the European launch of Porcilis PCV M Hyo vaccine, the first ready-to-use single-injection combination vaccine in Europe that protects piglets against both porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections during the finishing period. (Animal Pharm) 
> EU  Cedus, Inc., announced it has been granted a European Patent for their new platform technology, GnRH conjugate, which is designed to provide a single injection permanent sterilization solution for either gender of dogs, cats, and horses. (company press release) 
> US – ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE  The Obama Administration rolled out its 5-year plan to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The $1.2 billion plan has 5 main components. They include improving international collaborations around detecting and reporting antibiotic resistance; encouraging the development of diagnostic tests to help doctors distinguish between bacterial diseases and other illnesses that don’t require antibiotics; improving prescribing practices; and eliminating the use of “medically important” antibiotics to promote the growth of farm animals. (FierceAnimalHealth)
> US – PET OBESITY  The eighth annual National Pet Obesity Prevalence Survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) found 58% of US cats and 53% of dogs were overweight in 2014. The study also found a significant “fat pet gap,” in which 90% of owners of overweight cats and 95% of owners of overweight dogs incorrectly identified their pet as a normal weight. (Vet Advantage)
>  US – GENE RESEARCH  Researchers with the University of Maryland College of Agriculture & Natural Resources have successfully produced a litter of genome-edited pigs using a recently developed, groundbreaking technique called the CRISPR system. Now that the researchers have been successful using this technology, they plan to look for applications that would improve animal welfare, including disease resistance. (Feedstuffs)

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The industry news this week is limited, probably because of various religious holidays, and many of you are taking vacation or a few days off.

I did want to use this newsletter to mention to you that I will be in Japan the week of April 13th for a number of meetings with leading Japanese animal health companies. We will also be conducting an Animal Health Industry Overview while I’m there, on April 15th in Tokyo.

At the Western Veterinary Conference in February 2015 our Japanese consultant provided some new valuable information related to the significant changes in the registration process of animal medicines in Japan. If you have been considering marketing your products in the Japanese market, but have not pursued the opportunity because of the regulatory process, now might be the time for you to reconsider.

During my week in Japan we will be visiting with several of the leading Japanese Animal Health Companies that are interested in importing animal health and pet products from the US and Europe. Our consultants in Japan can assist not only in assisting with finding marketing partners in Japan but can also guide you through the new regulatory process guidelines. Please feel free to either email or call me directly if you would like to learn more about the services we can provide for the Japanese Animal Health Market.

Have a great Easter and Passover weekend!!
Ron Brakke
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