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RHI, an early stage development company located in San Antonio, TX, has appointed Brakke Consulting, Inc. of Dallas, TX for its new platform technology, eRapa, with rights to a full portfolio of patent applications.  eRapa shows great promise to be the First-in-Class m-Tor inhibitor in veterinary medicine.  As a cytostatic immune modulator, eRapa has a broad spectrum of potential benefits including: cell cycle downregulation in cancer and autoimmunity, enhanced autophagy which enables the removal of cellular debris after trauma or with advanced aging, improved vascular pathology which enables increased blood flow to aged and damaged organs, and an immune boosting capacity in healthy subjects.

RHI has demonstrated safety and efficacy of eRapa in three pilot therapeutic programs in dogs and cats including Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitits (FCGS), Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), and Intervertebral Disc Disorder (IVDD). A fourth clinical trial in canine oncology is underway.   Interface with the Center for Veterinary Medicine is underway.

“We are pleased to have Brakke Consulting on the team to assist us in finding a partner for the further development and commercialization of Rapamycin,” says Randy Goldsmith, CEO of RHI.

For more information on this technology, contact Dr. David Goodnight at 830-285-1259 or Ron Brakke at 972-243-4033. 

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For more than 28 years, Brakke Consulting has offered comprehensive solutions for the animal health industry, including international marketing, new business development, product evaluation, and distribution strategies. The company is known for its syndicated market studies, providing strategic and timely information for the industry, and for its customized recruiting services.

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