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Animal Health News & Notes for September 20, 2013

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> Anpario plc announced results for the first half of 2013. Sales revenue increased 20% to GBP 13.0 million ($19.8 million). First-half pre-tax profit rose to GBP 1.51 million ($2.3 million) from the prior year’s GBP 0.9 million. (RTTNews) 
> Elanco Companion Animal Health announced the launch of Recuvyra, a transdermal fentanyl solution that provides post-operative pain control with new transdermal delivery. A single dose applied to the dorsal scapular area of dogs prior to surgery is designed to control pain for four days. (DVM360)
> Heska Corporation announced the launch of the Element POC. This latest generation, handheld, wireless rapid blood analyzer delivers rapid blood gas, electrolyte, metabolite, and basic blood chemistry testing. (WSJOnline)
> Luitpold Animal Health announced a shipment of Adequan IM was released to the market last week; however, Adequan product supply remains limited. The company reports it is working diligently to release additional product to the market. (company press release) 
> Valent BioSciences Corporation announced it has been awarded Patent No. 8,536,224 by the US Patent and Trade Office for the therapeutic use of S-Abscisic Acid (S-ABA) and certain derivatives in select human and animal health applications. (Market Wire)
> Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. announced that it has filed an Investigational New Animal Drug (INAD) application with the FDA to test its proprietary “off-the-shelf” mesenchymal stem cells for a range of inflammatory and immune-mediated disease indications. (Business Wire)
> Vetnique Labs LLC introduced Glandex nutritional supplement. Glandex provides anal gland support and helps pets maintain healthy anal glands by producing bulky and firm stools to help the anal glands empty naturally. Glandex also contains key ingredients to target underlying inflammation and allergies that trigger anal gland problems. (company press release) 
> Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital announced that it has expanded its veterinary services to New York. Located in Saratoga Springs, the clinic — which will be known as Saratoga Equine: A Rood & Riddle Hospital — is Rood & Riddle’s first clinical venture outside Kentucky. (
> EU  Novartis Animal Health Inc. announced that Onsior (robenacoxib) received approval from the European Commission for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with orthopedic surgery in cats. The injectable formulation of Onsior is already approved for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with soft tissue surgery in cats. (company press release) 
> US – PEDV  Scientists at Iowa State University have developed a new test to detect antibodies against Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV). The new test is an immunofluorescence antibody or indirect fluorescent antibody assay, which uses blood samples. The researchers claim that the test is able to inform veterinarians and producers whether a pig has had the disease in the past and whether it is still shedding the virus. It will be available to regional swine producers and their veterinarians through the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. (Animal Pharm)
> US – ARTIFICIAL EGGS  Hampton Creek foods announced the launch of plant-based egg products in the US. The artificial egg is a mixture of different plants, including canola, peas and sunflower lecithin, and its creator says producing it costs 18% less than real eggs. Two lines – an egg-free mayonnaise and a powdered egg product for baking – are being sold initially through Whole Foods stores. (Vet Advantage)
> SCOTLAND – E COLI VACCINE  Scientists with Scotland’s University of Glasgow have published research suggesting that vaccinating cattle against Escherichia coli O157 could cut the number of cases of the disease in people by as much as 85%. The study, published in the online journal PNAS, used veterinary, human and molecular data. The risk of E. coli O157 infection is particularly significant when the cattle are ’super-shedding,’ and vaccines against the bacteria can reduce super-shedding. (Feedstuffs)

There are a couple of stories in this week’s newsletter related to new or improved diagnostic technologies and products. Diagnostics for both companion and food animals remains one of the fastest growing areas of animal health. It is generally less expensive to diagnose health issues of animal’s early treatment versus waiting until a crisis evolves which may not be treatable.

Earlier this week the USDA increased their forecasts for the 2013 corn and soybean production. It is now estimated that this year’s corn crop may be the largest ever. This report provides some welcome news to those in the production of animal protein and companies using corn and soybeans in their finished products. This is good news for the animal health industry and consumers. It will not be long until the harvesters will start rolling through the fields and we’ll then know the accuracy of the latest predictions.

Have a good weekend!!

Ron Brakke

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