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Brakke Consulting has joined forces with VaxiAm, LLC to expand its consulting services into the Chinese animal health market. Located in Manhattan, Kan., VaxiAm is currently helping Chinese animal health companies to set up research and development laboratories in the U.S., to evaluate new technologies and products that can be licensed for use in China, and to identify international business partners for animal health markets in China and the U.S.

Dr. Jishu Shi is the principal owner of VaxiAm, LLC.  A native of China, Shi received his doctor of veterinary medicine from the Beijing/China Agricultural University in 1985, a master’s in science from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science in 1988, a doctorate in immunophysiology from Kansas State University in Manhattan in 1995 and completed postdoctoral research in immunology at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1998.  Among his credentials, Dr. Shi is an associate professor for the college of veterinary medicine at Kansas State University and also the director of the U.S.-China Center for Animal Health, which is a training center for the improvement of Chinese animal health education and research.

“Many of our clients are interested in marketing their products or services to a rapidly growing Chinese animal health market,” noted Ronald Brakke, president and CEO of Brakke Consulting, a leading management consulting firm serving companies in animal health and nutrition, pet care and veterinary services. “As part of VaxiAm, Dr. Shi brings his expertise and connections in the Chinese animal health industry.  We also believe that Brakke’s extensive experience and knowledge will benefit Chinese firms desiring to enter the U.S. and European animal health markets.”

For more than 25 years Brakke Consulting has offered comprehensive solutions for the animal health industry, including international marketing, new business development, product evaluation, and distribution strategies. The company also offers consulting services for veterinary practices and is known for its syndicated market studies, providing strategic, timely information for the industry.

If you’re interested in exploring how Brakke Consulting can assist your firm in entering the Chinese Animal Health market, contact Ron Brakke or Jane Morgan at Brakke Consulting, 972-243-4033.

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