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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for December 31, 2012
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Editor: Lynn Fondon DVM MBA
Dear Subscribers:
We hope each of you has had a successful and prosperous 2012, and that 2013 will be full of new opportunities for you and your companies. Thanks to our many clients for utilizing our services during the year and making 2012 another successful year for Brakke Consulting. 
In this last newsletter of 2012, we’ve listed some of the key events that occurred during the year for your review and files. In summary, industry consolidation continued at a reasonable pace and there was significant number of new product and services added to company portfolios.  We expect to see much of the same in 2013.
Happy New Year!!
Ron Brakke
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Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes
– Merial acquires animal health unit of Dosch Pharmaceuticals
– Radio Systems acquires Lucky Litter
– Virbac acquires majority stake in Chilean Centrovet
– BASF acquires Becker Underwood
– Ridley acquires Stockade Brands
– Henry Schein acquires C&M Vetlink Irish distributor
– Maple Leaf Foods acquires Puratone Corp.
– JBS S.A. acquires Brazilian chicken processor Agroveneto S.A.
– Journal Multimedia acquires Pet Age magazine from H. H. Backer
– Nuscience Group acquires Hungarian feed company Trouw Ntritioni Kornye Kft from Nutreco
– Nutreco acquires 75% stake in Ecuadorian fish feed company Gisis
– Hester Biosciences acquires the large animal health business of Innoves Animal Health
– Merial acquires Colombian company Genfar
– Neogen acquires Macleod Pharmaceuticals
– C&D Foods Group acquires Arovit Acquisitions
– Vetoquinol acquires Orsco Laboratoire Veterinaire
– For The Earth Corp acquires Prestige Pet Products
– Bayer acquires Teva Animal Health
– Perrigo acquires Sergeant’s Pet Care Products
– Pfizer files a registration statement with the SEC for Zoetis animal health subsidiary
– DSM acquires South American Tortuga Companhia Zootecnica Agraria
– Cal-Maine Foods acquires Pilgrim’s Pride from JBS USA
– Bimeda acquires five products from Teva: Levamisole Drench and Soluble Pig Wormer; Oxytetracycline powder in two dosages; and Griseofulvin powder
– Mars acquires the Canine Heritage XL Breed Test from Scidera Canine
– Virbac acquires New Zealand companies Stockguard Animal Health and Stockguard Laboratories
– Animedica acquires Spanish Industrial Veterinaria SA
– ADM Alliance Nutrition acquires Liquid Feed Commodities
– Biomin acquires Micro-Plus
– Fumakilla acquires 70% of Malaysian Technopia and PT Technopia Jakarta
– Zolux acquires Francodex Sante Animale from Virbac
– Neogen acquires Igenity animal genomic business from Merial
– Pioneer Pet Products acquires Sticky Paws
– Merrick Pet Care acquires Castor Pollux Natural PetWorks
– Nutreco acquires Brazilian Bellman Nutricao Animal
– MedPro announced the formation of a veterinary division to distribute its Siemens Ultrasound products
– Henry Schein acquires Dutch distributor AUV Veterinary Services
– Merial acquires Newport Labs
– Dechra acquires Eurovet Animal Health
– Anpario acquires UK company Meriden Animal Health
– Ceva acquires six products from Parnell: AquaFOL, Imidox, Ketamine, KEY, Methone and Pamlin
– PCI Animal Health and Merritt Veterinary Supplies form Veterinary Distributors Group
– Life Technologies acquires Laboratoire Services International
– Kemin acquires Genesis
– Vital Animal Health acquires Calm Coat line of products
– Bayer acquires KMG Chemicals animal health business
– Dechra acquires HY-50 (sodium hyaluronate) from Bexinc
– EBOS Group acquires Masterpet Group of companies
– Elanco acquires ChemGen
– Vets First Choice acquires VetCentric
– VCA acquires Associate Veterinary Clinics
– Unicharm acquires a stake in Hartz Mountain
– Henry Schein acquires UK company Veterinary Instrumentation
– LifeLearn launches WebDVM4 Media service
– Yissum Research introduces a canine monocytic ehrlichiosis vaccine in Israel
– Merial launches Longrange extended release eprinomectin for cattle
– Pacira Pharmaceuticals and Aratana Therapeutics announce a development agreement for Exparel
– Purina Animal Nutrition launches Ampli-Calf Cool Weather Starter
– Q Biologicals and Virbac sign an agreement to develop biological products in animal health
– Bayer announces the launch of Resultix tick spray
– Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives conditional approval for equine rhinitis A vaccine
– Purina Animal Nutrition launches HeiferSmart supplements
– Links Medical Products launches Pet Gluco blood glucose monitor
– IDEXX launches the Schmallenberg Ab Test
– Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launches Ultra Duramune 1/2 ml canine vaccines
– Merck launches Bron-Newcavac-SE poultry vaccine
– Purina Animal Nutrition launched HeiferSmart supplements
– launched
– Merck launches Bron-Newcavac-SE poultry vaccine
– Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launches Ultra Duramune line of canine vaccines
– IDEXX launches Schmallenberg Ab test
– Links Medical Products launches Pet Gluco blood glucose monitoring system
– Vedco and Datamars launch Microfindr Slim microchip for pets
– Jurox receives FDA approval for Alfaxan (alfaxalone) anesthetic induction agent
– Bimeda receives FDA approval for AmproMed P (amprolium) for Poultry
– JBS United Animal Health receives FDA approval for OvuGel (triptorelin) for synchronizing weaned sows
– Sparhawk Labs receives FDA approval for SparMectin Plus Clorsulon for parasites in cattle
– Pfizer launches Equivac HeV vaccine for Hendra virus in horses
– Bioniche launches Immunocidin therapy to treat mixed mammary cancers in dogs
– Bimeda receives FDA approval for AmproMed  (amprolium) for Calves
– DSM Nutritional Products and Merial announce a licensing agreement to develop veterinary vaccines
– Aurora Pharmaceutical launches Clarity Ultrasound Gel
– Heska introduces the Element DC Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer
– DMS Labs launches the RapidVet-H Feline IC blood typing system
– Royal Canin launches Veterinary Diet Calm
– Purina Veterinary Diets launches OM Select Blend Canine Formula, OM Savory Selects Feline Formula, and DM Savory Selects Feline Formula
– The Nutro Company launches Greenies SmartBites Treats for cats
– Avalon Medical launches PeriSeal Surgical Tissue Patch
– Orabrush launches Orapup tongue cleaner for dogs
– Oasmia Pharmaceutical receives FDA MUMS designation for Doxophos Vet (doxorubicin) to treat lymphoma in dogs
– Therapeutic Vision receives FDA MUMS designation for Kinostat (2-MS) for prevention of diabetic cataracts in dogs
– Abaxis launches VetScan Kidney Profile Plus Rotor
– Kinetic Technologies launches EquiShield IR Spray and EquiShield IR Shampoo
– Harrisvaccines receives USDA approval for its swine flu vaccine
– Kinetic Technologies launches Vetasan Shampoo
– Teva launches Oximunol nutritional supplement
– Scynexis and Dechra announced a licensing agreement to develop and commercialize SCY-641 cyclosporine derivative
– PellaVet launches Vetraderm hydrocolloid dressing
– Elanco receives FDA approval for Comfortis for use in cats and very small dogs
– Sogeval Labs launches Duoxo Mousse
– Animart launches Dairysan dairy sanitation product line
– Bioniche launches Butequine (phenylbutazone) Paste
– Novartis receives FDA approval for Interceptor Spectrum Chewable Tablets (milbemyin, praziquantel)
– Virbac receives FDA approval for Rilexine (cephalexin) Chewable Tablets for dogs
– IDEXX announced a revised distribution agreement with MWI, enabling MWI to sell products that compete with IDEXX’s products
– Pegasus Labs launches Vetadryl (diphenhydramine) tablets for dogs and cats
– Nexcyon receives FDA approval for Recuvyra (fentanyl) Transdermal solution for dogs
– Isconova and Virbac announce a licensing agreement to develop veterinary vaccines
– Teva re-launches T8 Keto Flush ear flush
– Bock Vet Pharma launches Deter-X bioadhesive barrier
– Supera Anesthesia launches Pureline OC4000 Oxygen Concentrator for veterinary anesthesia
– AspenBio announces a worldwide licensing agreement with an undisclosed animal health company
– Merial launches Frontline Tritak flea & tick product for dogs in the southern US
– Pegasus Labs introduces Rebalance treatment for EPM
– Teva launches Alvenza supplement
– Eco Animal Health receives FDA approval for Aivlosin (tyvalosin) for swine
– Merial launches PureVax Recombinant FeLV vaccine
– Veterinary Products Labs launches Ovitrol X-Tend Flea and Tick Shampoo and Spray
– Virbac receives FDA MUMS designation for Suprelorin F (deslorelin) for use in ferrets
– Pfizer launches Alverin Plus (ivermectin/clorsulon) and Flunixamine (flunixin meglumine)
– Cargill introduces SafeChoice Special Care and SafeChoice Perform equine feeds
– Merck launches Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus flea and tick products
– Novartis launches Onsior NSAID for use in cats
– Hospira receives FDA approval for Ceftiofur for Injection
– Huvepharma receives FDA approval for Tylovet 100
– Pfizer receives FDA approval for use of Cerenia in cats
– GenVet receives USDA conditional licensing for its foot-and-mouth vaccine
– Bimeda receives FDA approval for Bimectin (ivermectin)
– Farnam introduces Centaura Insect Repellent for Horse and Rider
– Teva launches Synovi G4 supplement
– Aurora Pharmaceutical introduces PRO-TEC ChlorSeptic skin cleanser and surgical scrub
– Kinetic Technologies launches Opti Vet AR- Allergy Relief Eye Drops for dogs and cats
– Hill’s Pet Nutrition launches Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat GI Restore Canine
– Immunovaccine announces a research collaboration with an undisclosed animal health company to develop veterinary vaccines
– Hartz launches UltraGuard Pro Flea and Tick Treatment for dogs
– Vet-Stem launches StemInsure stem cell storage service
– Bimeda receives FDA approval for GentaMed (gentamicin) for swine
– Purina Mills launches its Purina Small Animals line of food and treats
– Teva launches Amprolium-P for poultry
– IDEXX launches SNAP 4Dx Plus Test
– Pala-Tech Labs launches Cease Coprophagia Granules and Soft Chews
– NoviPet introduces Digestive Aid and Calming Aid supplements
– Elanco relaunches Hygromix (hygromycin) for poultry
– Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives USDA approval for Bronchi-Shield Oral Bordetella vaccine
– Ceva receives USDA approval for Vectormune HVT AIV avian influenza vaccine for poultry
– Sergeant’s introduced the Sentry line of behavior products for dogs and cats
– Lloyd introduces advanced formula Thyro-Tabs
– PetSafe Vet Therapy launches the Stance Analyzer lameness assessment equipment for dogs and cats
– Aurora Pharmaceutical introduces Oral-Pro Vitamin D3 plus E Dispersable Liquid Concentrate for swine and poultry
– Virbac and NovaBay Pharmaceuticals sign a licensing agreement to develop aganocides
– Ceva and ProBioGen sign a licensing agreement to develop animal vaccines
– MinXray introduces the TR90B portable x-ray unit
– Integra LifeSciences launches the Miltex Veterinary Orthopedic Implant line
– Virbac launches Effitix and Effipro flea and tick products
– FidoPharm launches PetTrust Plus generic heartworm preventative, available only through Walmart
– Piedmont Pharmaceuticals and Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceuticals announce a joint venture to develop companion animal pharmaceuticals
– Iams introduces Senior Plus diets
– Pfizer introduces Fostera PRRS vaccine
– Sergeant’s launches Sentry Fiproguard MAX and Pronyl OTC Max flea and tick products
– Dechra introduces EpiKlean Ear Cleanser
– Bio-Medical Services receives USDA approval for ACTT Allergy Drops
– Farnam introduces Horseshoer’s Secret Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol
– Abaxis introduces the VetScan Canine Lyme Rapid Test
– Teva relaunches Relief Shampoo
– Heska announces it will market a proprietary sublingual therapy for pets with allergies
– NewMarket Pharmaceuticals and Catalent Pharma Solutions announce a partnership to develop products using Catalent’s Zydis fast-dissolve technology
– Pfizer launches Advocin (danofloxacin) for use in cattle
– Teva launches DVM Daily Soft Chews multivitamin
– Sparhawk Labs receives FDA approval for Gentocin Topical Spray
– Cross Vetpharm receives FDA approval for Garacin (gentocin) soluble powder
– Novartis introduces Nuplura PH and BRD Shield cattle vaccines
– scil introduces Aloka Ultrasound, Mindray Ultrasound and MediaVet Digital Dental Imaging
– Vita Flex Nutrition introduces Level pH Extended Release Gastric Support supplement for horses
– Teva and Eden Research sign a licensing agreement to develop treatments for veterinary pathogens
– Modern Veterinary Therapeutics receives USDA approval for its Anigen Rapid One-Step Canine Heartworm Antigen Test
– Vita Flex Nutrition launches Vision Focusing and Calming supplement for horses
– Links Medical Products introduces its medical-grade Manuka honey dressings
– ALLPRO Imaging introduces the ScanX Ellipse Cassette-Fed Computed Radiography System
– Nylabone introduces grain free biscuits
– Van Beek Global introduces Tri-Pectate Capsules supplement for newborn calves

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