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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for August 31, 2012
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Editor: Lynn Fondon DVM MBA
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The Companion Animal Practice in 2017 and 2022
What will companion animal clinics look like in 2017 and 2022? How will these changes impact the delivery of veterinary care to pet owners? As the operation and ownership of companion animal clinics evolves over the coming years, the companies providing products and services may need to change their operational assumptions.

This new Brakke Consulting’s comprehensive market study, “The Companion Animal Practice in 2017 and 2022: A View of the Future” hopes to provide the answers to these and other questions by providing an analysis of current converging trends in the companion animal profession and pet owner utilization of veterinary services. The study will summarize and project the potential implications of these trends for providers.

The study will be available in early 2013. To pre-purchase this important strategic planning tool, or for more information, contact Ron Brakke at or Susan Warren at .

KC Animal Health Corridor
Homecoming Hoedown and Investment Forum
August 27 & 28, 2012
Kansas City
The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor hosted the 7th annual Homecoming Hoedown on August 27, with 762 attendees and over 180 companies representing.  The Animal Health Investment Forum on August 28 boasted 250 attendees to evaluate the 13 companies presenting, representing both animal health companies and investment/venture capital firms. 
> Elanco announced that the FDA has approved Comfortis for use in cats and kittens greater than 2 lbs and 14 weeks and older, as well as for smaller dogs 3.3-4.9 lbs and 14 weeks and older. (company press release)
> Sogeval Laboratories announced the availability of the Douxo Mousse. The product is available in three formulations, Douxo Calm Mousse for the management of allergic dermatitis, Douxo Chlorhexidine+Climbazole Mousse for bacterial and fungal skin infections, and Douxo Seborrhea Mousse for all kerato-seborrheic disorders. (Vet Advantage)
> Land O’Lakes announced that Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC has officially changed its name to Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. (Feedstuffs)
>  NDC, Inc. and Pinnaclife Animal Health announced an agreement where NDC, Inc. will serve as exclusive distributor of Pinnaclife Animal Health products in North America. Pinnaclife Animal Health’s line of companion animal products includes antipruritic spray, wound cleanser and ear care products. (Vet Advantage)
> Animart, Inc. announced the launch of their Dairysan dairy sanitation product line. Animart’s Dairysan product line includes teat dips, bactericides and sanitizers, as well as CIP, manual, and laundry detergents and cleaners. (company press release) 
> ImproMed, LLC announced the release of its Triple Crown 3.0 equine practice management software, a complete solution to meet the needs of any equine veterinary practice. (company press release)
> UK   Abbott Animal Health announced the launch of RevitaCAM (meloxicam), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for dogs, in the UK and Ireland, as the first phase of a worldwide launch. RevitaCAM, the first veterinary NSAID with oromucosal delivery, utilizes Promist Technology. The drug has been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the alleviation of inflammation and pain in both acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders in dogs. (Animal Pharm) 
> US – HOG SLAUGHTER   High feed prices brought on by the 2012 drought have pushed hog slaughter to its highest level so far this year as US pork producers search for ways to reduce their skyrocketing feed bills. Pork producers are looking at a loss of between $20 to $30 per head for the next six months, according to an industry analyst. (Pork Network)
> US – VETERINARY SCHOOL   Kaleida Health announced plans to build a school of veterinary medicine in Buffalo, New York. Chason Affinity will develop the school on the site of the former Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital. Chason Affinity still needs to secure financing for the project and secure a veterinary school tenant for the site before a designated developer can be assigned. (
Central Veterinary Conference
August 22 – 27, 2012
Kansas City
The 2012 Central Veterinary Conference this week hosted over 5,000 attendees, including nearly 2,400 veterinarians and technicians. The Exhibit Hall was home to 230 companies, of which 45 were sponsors of a variety of CE opportunities and other events. Highlights included the First Annual Neighborhood Block Party at Kansas City Live in the Power & Light District.
It was another great week for animal health in Kansas City. The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor continues to expand the number of programs offered to various audiences during and following the Central Veterinary Conference. It’s becoming the place to be for animal health executives in late August every year. The highlight for me was the Animal Health Investment Forum, which featured presentations by 13 innovative companies seeking either funding or commercial relationships. While some are years from commercialization, it’s great to see that there is a pipeline of potential new technologies to improve the health of animals and grow the industry as a whole.

The other story that caught my eye this week was the planned creation of another veterinary school. It’s interesting to observe how opinions and market impressions regarding the need for more veterinarians can be viewed so differently by various groups.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend here in the US!!
Ron Brakke

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