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Joel Adamson of Brakke Consulting will be participating as a presenter in the upcoming Animal Health Marketing Strategies conference in Kansas City.  The Center for Business Intelligence (CBI) will hold its second summit on animal health marketing strategies on August 30, and the event is conveniently co-located with Central Veterinary Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

The CBI Marketing Strategies Conference will cover a variety of marketing strategies and campaign topics.  Alternate distribution channels open for marketers of companion animal healthcare products than animal clinics is one of these marketing issues.  The opportunities and challenges of over-the-counter (OTC) channels of distribution will be discussed in a presentation by Joel Adamson, a Brakke Consulting professional with a background in marketing, business development and management in the companion animal industry.

This presentation provides the vet-channel marketer a meaningful overview of these important alternate distribution channels, including a discussion of distribution methods, areas of potential growth and the challenges, barriers and concerns of utilizing OTC channels.

“We are pleased to have this opportunity to participate in the CBI marketing summit in Kansas City,” said Ron Brakke, president of Brakke Consulting, Inc.  “This presentation will give us an opportunity to share with the animal health industry our experience and insights into these important alternate channels, including the on-line retailers, pet shops, big-box pet stores and other types of retailers,” he added. 

Individuals interested in attending the CBI conference can obtain registration details by calling 800.817.86.  On-line registration is available at  A phone contact for outside the USA is 339.298.2100.

About Brakke Consulting, Inc.:
Established in 1986, Brakke Consulting provides a full range of consulting services, including assistance with general business issues, acquisitions and divestitures, intellectual property (IP) transfer, market research, executive search, and veterinary practice management.  The firm also markets a variety of syndicated market studies.  More information about the firm can be found at

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