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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for December 30, 2009

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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA
Dear Subscribers:
How time flies when you’re having fun!!  I was reminded last week that we began our weekly animal health industry newsletter 10 years ago.  During that period, we have published over 500 weekly newsletters plus several special editions.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed each and every issue and it has helped you stay abreast of the key happenings in the industry in one short read each week. This annual issue has a summary of the key activities over the past year.  Many of our subscribers indicate that they store this issue in a file where they can reference it quickly.  It is amazing how much has occurred in the past year. 
The newsletter would not be possible if it were not for the dedicated efforts of Dr. Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA who has been the editor since we began publishing.  Lynn has now trained a couple of others within the firm in the production of the newsletter so that she can take a week off every now and then.  Most of all, we appreciated our dedicated subscribers and hope that you will tell others about our newsletter. 
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Selected news events from the past 14 months of Animal Health News & Notes
10-08  Webster acquires Odyssey Veterinary Software
10-08  PBI/Gordon acquires ProZYME supplements
10-08  Webster acquires Columbus Serum Company
10-08  Novus forms Novus Pet Nutrition
10-08  Tortuga acquires PCS Fosfatos Brasil
10-08  Phibro acquires Teva’s Israeli veterinary business
10-08  Argenta acquires AlcheraBio
10-08  Alorad acquires
10-08  Danisco acquires Agtech Products
11-08  King Pharmaceuticals acquires Alpharma
11-08  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica acquires Surpass diclofenac cream from IDEXX
11-08  Vetoquinol acquires Italian Ascor Chimici
12-08  Pilgrim’s Pride files for bankruptcy
12-08  Midmark Corp acquires Sharn Veterinary
12-08  Radio Systems/PetSafe acquires MultiVet Int’l
1-09    Henry Schein acquires Czech distributor Noviko
1-09    Lohmann Animal Health acquires Celldex poultry vaccines
1-09    Pfizer announces the acquisition of Wyeth, including Fort Dodge Animal Health
1-09    Tortuga acquires Minerthal
2-09    Phibro acquires Baltzell Agri Products
2-09    JBS terminates acquisition of National Beef Packing
2-09    Sergeant’s acquires Chomp, Inc.
3-09    Spectrum Brands files for bankruptcy
3-09    Imulan BioTherapeutics forms Veterinary Cancer Therapeutics
3-09    Merck announces the acquisition of Schering-Plough
3-09    Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica acquires Acarexx Otic solution from IDEXX
3-09    Milk Specialties acquires Edan Naturals
3-09    Tyson Foods acquires minority interest in Freshpet
3-09    PawsPlus acquires Animal Health Associates
4-09    Provimi acquires Vetcare
5-09    Neogen acquires International Diagnostic Systems
6-09    Universal Ultrasound and Classic Medical Supply announced a merger
6-09    Pulse Veterinary Technologies acquires Sanuwave
6-09    Quarry Capital Mgmt acquires Royal Pet Supplies
6-09    Pfizer acquires Vetnex
6-09    Zenoaq acquires Nippon Biologicals
6-09    Vetoquinol acquires Wockhardt
6-09    VCA Antech acquires Eklin Medical Systems
7-09    Tortuga acquires Mitsuisal
7-09    Biopure files for bankruptcy
7-09    sanofi-aventis acquires remaining 50% of Merial from Merck
8-09    FDA prohibits Teva from manufacturing and distributing products
8-09    AnimalScan acquires Iams Pet Imaging
8-09    Arenus acquires Equilite
9-09    JBS acquires Pilgrim’s Pride
9-09    Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica acquires Fort Dodge products spun off by Pfizer
9-09    Lallemand acquires SA Bioproducts
10-09  Ridley acquires certain assets of Golden Lyk
11-09  Nutreco acquires 51% of Fri-Ribe
11-09  Radio Systems/PetSafe acquires Pet Porte
11-09  Wynnstay acquires Youngs Animal Feeds
12-09  Henry Schein acquires Butler Animal Health
12-09  Neogen acquires BioKits food safety line form GenProbe
12-09  Novus acquires Albion animal nutrition division
10-08  IDEXX launches Spec fPL feline pancreatitis test
10-08  VPL launches Mycodex Flea & Tick Shampoo
10-08  Balchem launches AminoShure-L rumen-protected lysine
10-08  Kemin launches Lysoforte biosurfactant in the US
10-08  Animalcare launches Bureprecare buprenorphine in the UK
10-08  Nutrena launches EnergX Horse Food
10-08  Virbac launches Novifit NoviSAMe nutraceutical
10-08  Pfizer receives FDA approval for Excenel RTU EZ ceftiofur for swine and cattle
10-08  Bioniche receives Canadian approval for Econiche E-coli vaccine
10-08  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launches Ubrolexin mastitis antibiotic in the UK
11-08  IDEXX launches the IDEXX-CR 1417 Digital Imaging System
11-08  First Priority receives FDA approval for phenylbutazone generic tablets for horses
11-08  SNIF Labs launches the SNIF Tag for dogs
11-08  Ceva launches Senilife supplement for aging dogs and cats
11-08  Artimplant launches Artelon CCL canine knee implants
11-08  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics receives FDA approval for Vetazine cream for dogs
11-08  AB Science receives European marketing approval for Masivet for treatment of canine mast cell tumors
11-08  Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma launches Cartrophen Vet pentosan anti-inflammatory in Japan
12-08  Elanco receives FDA approval for use of ractopamine in turkeys
12-08  Oculus Innovative Sciences launches Vetericyn Wound Spray
12-08  DRE Veterinary launches the DRE Waveline ProVet vital signs monitor
12-08  IDEXX launches the SNAP Feline Triple Test (FeLV, FIV, feline heartworm)
12-08  AgriLabs launches Colostrx 130 colostrum replacer
12-08  ThermoGenesis launches the ResQ60v ePRP equine lameness treatment
12-08  Eriginate launches the eTattoo UHF RFID ear tag
12-08  HomeoPet launches HomeoPet Pro Healing Cream
12-08  Dechra receives FDA approval for Vetoryl trilostane capsules for treating hyperadrenocorticism
12-08  Iams launches Prostora Max probiotic
12-08  Merial licenses Imugene vaccine vector technology
12-08  Sergeant’s launches SentryHC Good Behavior Pheromone Collar for Dogs
12-08  Signostics launches SpeqView ultrasound device
1-09    Merial licenses AviTech in-ovo injection systems
1-09    Abaxis launches VetScan VSpro Coagulation Analyzer
1-09    Abaxis launches VetScan Canine Heartworm Rapid Test
1-09    IDEXX launches fecal diagnostic tests for diarrhea
1-09    AgriLabs launches First Arrival with Encrypt for calves
1-09    Arthrodynamic Technologies launches Polychews supplements for dogs
1-09    Teva launches ChlorhexiDerm Maximum HC, Feline Joint Gel, and PhyCox-JS Small Bites
1-09    Digital Angel launches its r/Tag RFID system
2-09    Bayer launches Catosal B12/phosphate solution
2-09    DermaPet launches MalAcetic ULTRA
2-09    Land O’Lakes Purina Feed launches Propel Energy Nuggets for dairy cows
2-09    Accelerated Genetics launches Essential Solutions direct-fed microbials for organically reared cattle
2-09    Ceva launches Diarsanyl Plus prebiotics in the UK
2-09    Biogal launches PCR detection kids for birds, cats and dogs
2-09    Adisseo launches Rovabio Max
2-09    PetNovations launches the CatGenie 120 self-cleaning cat litter box
2-09    DRE Veterinary launches the DRE VSE Series surgical and exam tables
2-09    Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma launches Pronamid mosaprid tables for anorexia and vomiting in dogs
2-09    Aribex launches the NOMAD Pro Veterinary handheld X-ray system
2-09    Virbac launches Nitromec flukicide in Australia
3-09    Epitopix receives conditional USDA approval for its E. coli vaccine
3-09    Alstoe launches Flecknell laryngoscope
3-09    SonoSite launches the first remote control for veterinary ultrasound
3-09    VPL launches Siphotrol X-Tend Carpet Aerosol
3-09    Vedco launches OmniTrol flea and tick control spot-on
3-09    E.I. Medical Imaging launches the Ibex Pro and Ibex Lite portable veterinary ultrasound devices
4-09    Novartis launches Zolvix sheep drench in New Zealand
4-09    Vetoquinol launches Enisyl-F Lysine treatment for feline herpesvirus
4-09    Summit VetPharm launches Vectra for Dogs and Puppies
4-09    Abbott Animal Health launches GLUture topical adhesive
4-09    scil launches the scil Vet Focus 5 hematology analyzer
4-09    ProLabs launches LTCI treatment for FeLV and FIV
4-09    DSM launches Crina Poultry Plus digestive stimulant
4-09    Pfizer launches SolidBac Pinkeye IR/PR single dose vaccine
4-09    VPL launches Harmonease Chewable tablets
4-09    Nutramax Labs launches Proviable-EQ for horses
4-09    DRE Veterinary launches the DRE Compact Mini anesthesia machine for small mammals
4-09    Lallemand launches Micro-Cell Gold direct-fed microbial
5-09    VPL launches Thrush-XX aerosol for horses
5-09    Fujita and Kyoritsu Seiyaku launch MyFleaGuard generic fipronil flea product in Japan
5-09    Delmarva 2000 launches Hyalupet Gingival Gel
5-09    Pfizer receives European marketing approval for Improvac boar taint vaccine
5-09    Virbac launches Effipro generic fipronil flea product in Europe
6-09    Pfizer announces FDA approval for Palladia treatment for canine mast cell tumors
6-09    Dechra licenses ANOxA’s EIPHiSOL technology for treatment of equine EIPH
6-09    Antech Diagnostics launches FastPanel PCR test panel for feline upper respiratory diseases
6-09    Dechra receives FDA approval for Felimazole methimazole for feline hyperthyroidism
6-09    Imulan licenses ImmunoPhotonics’ apSTAR laser technology for cancer therapy
6-09    Fort Dodge launches Duvaxyn WNV in Europe
6-09    Intervet/Schering-Plough receives conditional USDA approval for canine influenza vaccine
6-09    Intervet/Schering-Plough launches Nobivac Lyme vaccine
6-09    Putney launches carprofen generic tablets
6-09    Vetericyn launches Vetericyn equine product
6-09    Global Animal Management launches GAM TAGs
6-09    Ganeden Biotech launches GanPro probiotic
6-09    DRE Veterinary launches DRE Genesis Series operating tables
7-09    Virbac launches Anxitane nutraceutical for dogs and cats
7-09    Bayer launches Advantix flea and tick product in China
7-09    Vetericyn launches Vetericyn VF veterinary formula
8-09    Alltech launches Lifeforce Formula equine supplement
8-09    Bio-Vet launches Biostart microbial/vitamin paste for livestock
8-09    Medivet launches Bio-Bute Advanced Pain Relief Oil for pets in Australia
8-09    Royal Canin launches RC Pug 25 diet
8-09    Chr. Hansen launches GalliPro Tect direct-fed microbial
9-09    Norbrook Labs launches Closamectin Pour-on in Europe
9-09    Vet-A-Mix launches Target IR dietary supplement for horses
9-09    Freshpet launches Veterinary Nutrition line of pet foods
9-09    Novartis receives European marketing approval for Onsior robenacoxib anti-inflammatory for cats and dogs
9-09    Dopharma launched Melovem generic meloxicam for large animals in Europe
9-09    PRN Pharmacal launches the REACT Ethylene Glycol Test Kit
9-09    Mars Veterinary launches Wisdom Panel Insights DNA test kit for dog owners
9-09    Sanomedics launches the first non-contact thermometer for pets
9-09    Pfizer announces the EU launch of Trocoxil mavacoxib once-monthly anti-inflammatory tablet for dogs
9-09    Biogenesis Bago launches Desmopresina treatment for canine mammary cancer in Argentina
9-09    Hipra launches Startvac bovine mastitis vaccine in Europe
9-09    BioElectronics launches HealFast Therapy PetPatch
9-09    Intervet/Schering-Plough launches Vectin ivermectin chewable tablets for horses in Europe
10-09  DermaPet launches TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo and TrizCHLOR Spray
10-09  IDEXX launches RealPCR test for canine leptospirosis
10-09  Vetoquinol launches Rubenal nutraceutical to minimize effects of chronic kidney disease
10-09  Animal Health Options launches ProtectaCell supplement for pets with cancer
10-09  PetAg launches DogSlim weight loss products
10-09  Oragenics launches Teddy’s Pride probiotic breath freshener and teeth whitener for dogs and cats
10-09  Genitrix launches Dormilan medetomidine for dogs and cats in the UK
10-09  Pharma Chemie announces the launch of Phycox Soft Chews
10-09  Animal Element launches Performance Detox supplements
10-09  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics receives Canadian approval for Cepesedan (detomidine) in horses
10-09  Intervet/Schering-Plough launches Zylkene stress management product for dogs and cats in Germany
10-09  Eco receives European marketing approval for Aivlosin in pheasants
11-09  CAO Group launches the 9W Pilot Diode Laser surgical instrument
11-09  SeaBuck Equine launches SeaBuck Complete supplement for horses
11-09  Pet BioTech launches the TEC line of pet supplements
11-09  Antech Diagnostics launches the FastPanel PCR Canine Respiratory Disease Panel
11-09  Imulan launches LeukoSTAT nutritional supplement
11-09  Pfizer receives FDA approval for EAZI-Breed CIDR Sheep Insert for estrus induction
11-09  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives FDA approval for PRoZinc feline insulin
11-09  Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launches Vetera West Nile Virus family of vaccines for horses
11-09  Chanelle Veterinary receives European marketing approval for generic Ivermectin Oral for sheep and generic meloxicam tablets for dogs
12-09  Modern Veterinary Therapeutics receives Canadian approval for Revertor reversal agent
12-09  Total Nutraceutical Solutions launches EquiSANO-D equine supplement
12-09  Merial launches Recombitek rWNV-EWT equine combination vaccine
12-09  IDEXX launches H1N1 Influenza Virus RealPCR Test for dogs and cats
12-09  Halocarbon Products receives FDA approval for sevofluran
12-09  Pfizer launches Naxcel in Europe
12-09  Pfizer receives conditional USDA approval for its Swine Influenza Vaccine against H1N1 in swine
12-09  Abaxis launches Avian Influenza Type A rapid antigen test
12-09  Eriginate announces the USDA approval of its eTattoo tag
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