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Animal Health News & Notes for December 27, 2002
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We hope all of you are having an enjoyable and relaxing Holiday.  With just a few days left in the year we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and readers for your support and business in 2002.  You’ve continued to make Brakke Consulting a leading service provider and for that we THANK YOU.

Since there are few news stories to report this week, we have decided to use this newsletter to report some of our current and planned activities for 2003 at Brakke Consulting.

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2003.

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Brakke Consulting Planned Activities in 2003:

The 2003 Animal Health Industry presentation will include information including sales estimates for 2002 along with forecasts for the future, including the outlook for leading companies and products.  The focus will be on the US with some international aspects. Some specific areas are:
– what will the Animal Health business look like in 2012?
– food safety and animal welfare and its impact on industry
– impact of generic products on the market place
– evolving and changing manufacturer distributor relationships
– pet nutrition

Whether your company is licensing in or out, buying, or selling, this seminar will help you design an efficient, effective due diligence process that will help you test strategic assumptions, determine fair market value, uncover potential problems, and avoid costly mistakes or surprises.  The speakers at the seminar will include Brakke Consultants and senior investment bankers from Bear Stearns, NYC. All of the speakers have extensive experience in product and compound licensing, divestitures, and acquisitions. 

– Small Animal Vaccine Study
– Distributor Effectiveness Study
– Nutritional Growth Enhancers Study (Update of 1997 Direct Fed Microbial Study)
– US Equine Products Market
– Aquaculture Study (update of 1997 study)
– 2003 US Flea and Heartworm Markets
– Providing value added services to veterinary practice customers of manufacturers and distributors with practice management consultative services in staff development, marketing, organization, and financial success.
– Practice ownership transition planning and structuring for veterinarians with practice valuations, assistance with due diligence and transitional success. 
– Presentations at international, national, regional and local veterinary associations on behalf of animal health industry client companies.

Since 1986 Brakke Consulting, Inc. has successfully assisted many clients acquire exceptional employees at all levels, in the many departments of animal health, pet, veterinary and specialty chemical companies.   We strive to pre-qualify candidates, allowing clients to choose from a few of the best applicants for a position.  Our approach increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the Human Resources Departments of client companies.

In 2001, we began conducting searches for sales reps, regional managers, and technical service veterinarians.  This activity continued to expand in 2002.  We have filled a number of positions in this area for more than a dozen companies.  We will continue to expand this valuable service in 2003, with two consultants focusing on providing recruiting services.  We believe the insight we’ve developed via our 2002 sales force effectiveness study and from our practice management group allows us to provide a quality service not available at most recruiting firms.

Throughout the year, Brakke Consulting, Inc., performs marketing surveys and studies for client companies.  If your firm needs help assessing the feasibility of a new product or technology, identifying the opinions and trends of product consumers, or determining the current market for products, Brakke Consulting, Inc. can build a market study to meet your needs.  We have a database in place of several hundred small animal veterinarians and the ability to custom-tailor surveys of other animal health consumers.  

– Are you interested in growing your business by purchasing another company, product line or technology? 
– Have you been thinking about selling your company, product line or technology?
– Have you considered merging your company with another firm to improve shareholder value?
– Brakke Consulting, Inc. assisted many clients with mergers, acquisitions and divestitures over the last few years. 

One of the largest yearly investments most companies make is in Advertising and Promotion.  When was the last time you seriously evaluated your program?  Brakke Consulting, Inc. has the experience and ability to evaluate, audit, and help improve the communication challenges all company’s have. 

Whether you need two hours, two days, two weeks or two months of general management consulting, we are prepared to assist you as needed.  We believe our 17 years of consulting experience, information databases, and market insights enable us to provide a quality service at competitive prices.

The 2003 Manufacturers and Distributors Directories will be available for purchase and shipping in early 2003.

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