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Animal Health News & Notes for June 25, 2010

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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA
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> Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. and Trophogen Inc.  announced the signing of an exclusive global veterinary license agreement between the two companies. The agreement provides commercial access for Bioniche to a patented, proprietary superagonist hormone technology platform developed by Trophogen (originally licensed from the National Institutes of Health) in the growing veterinary fields. This technology will initially be developed into a next generation follicle stimulating hormone (FSH); Bioniche also holds an option to license additional veterinary reproductive products utilizing Trophogen’s superagonist hormone technology. (PRNewswire)
> Chemaphor Inc. announced that it has launched a stem cell regenerative therapy for pets and horses in Canada.  Chemaphor has gained access to the exclusive marketing rights for this procedure in Canada through the acquisition of 7552882 Canada Inc., a private company; the ultimate licensor of this regenerative stem cell therapy is Vet-Stem, Inc. (Market Wire)
> AFP Imaging Corporation announced a name change: the company is now known as ImageWorks. The company’s leading brands – Dent-X, NewTom, EVA, and MiniMed – retain their brand identity in each of their respective markets. (Business Wire) 
> Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc., announced a voluntary recall of Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Food with the “Best By” date of June 17, 2011, in 5-lb. and 28-lb. bags because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported to date. (FDA)
> United Pet Group announced a voluntary recall of all unexpired lots of its Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamin Supplement tablets for Dogs due to possible Salmonella contamination, after laboratory testing revealed that one lot of this vitamin product was contaminated with Salmonella. (FDA)
> Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. announced a voluntary recall of some Kent Feeds swine feed products due to insufficient vitamin D levels in premixes it purchased from Tri Ag Supply, Inc. that were used in those swine feed products. (FDA) 
> ImproMed, Inc. announced a partnership with Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc., a medical imaging and DICOM storage solution provider. This new partnership brings veterinary practices a solution for accessing digital veterinary images from within the Infinity practice management system. (company press release)
> PetSmart, Inc. announced the Board of Directors has authorized a new $400 million share purchase program that expires in January 2012. This will replace the $350 million program approved by the Board in June 2009, including the $103 million that remained available under that program. (Business Wire)
> US – CANINE DNA DATABASE   A new dog DNA database will help law enforcement and animal-rights groups investigate dogfighting cases, using DNA evidence to establish links among owners, breeders and dog fighting sites. The Canine Combined DNA Index System, or Canine CODIS, will be maintained at UC-Davis, and law enforcement agencies will be able to pay a fee to have dog DNA analyzed and matched. (Popular Science)
> US – FDA RULES   The FDA has agreed to extend the comment period on the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) for the veterinary feed directive program (VFD) for an additional 60 days.  The public now has until August 27, 2010, to comment on the ANPRM and whether changes are warranted to improve the efficiency of the VFD program. (FDA)
Ao longo do ano, a Brakke Consulting, Inc. realiza pesquisas de mercado e estudos para empresas clientes. Se sua empresa precisa de ajuda para avaliar a viabilidade de um novo produto ou tecnologia, identificando as opiniões e tendências dos consumidores de produtos ou determinando o mercado atual de produtos, a Brakke Consulting, Inc. pode elaborar um estudo de mercado para atender às suas necessidades. 
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It’s been a hot week here in Dallas with not a lot of news to report.  It seems as though summer takes a toll on press releases for the industry.  Maybe all the PR firms are on vacation, or maybe the productivity of the clients is below normal.  Or maybe there is just not a lot happening to create news.
It would be helpful if more products were approved by the FDA so that there could be more new product announcements.  It seems that the backlog of products needing FDA approval has stalled out somewhere in the process.  We keep hearing “any day now” or “oops” we need to supply more data from several firms.
One thing we’ve been hearing from industry is that the FDA is not the only agency that is delaying product approvals but that the USDA section that oversees the approval of new vaccines appears to be challenging the FDA in the degree of difficulty and length of approval times.  The lack of new products is not good for our industry and hopefully those with some political capital will assist in reducing some of the roadblocks.
Bom final de semana e fique tranquilo!!
Ron Brakke
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