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» US Flea Control and Heartworm Markets, December 2017

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Small animal parasite control continues to be one of the largest market segments in animal health.  Regardless of the general economy’s direction, sales of flea, tick and heartworm products have grown year after year, at a greater rate than the animal health market as a whole.  Brakke Consulting’s 2017 update of our annual study addresses the fascinating dynamics of the flea and heartworm preventatives markets.  The study also includes the following information:

• Overview of the veterinary and OTC flea control markets
• Product descriptions, prices, and sales for the leading flea and heartworm products
• Discussion of the new flea and tick products
• A 2017 survey of 300 veterinarians regarding brands carried, including generic ivermectin heartworm preventatives; the impact of product sales outside the veterinary clinic channel; and developing resistance to new-generation products
• A 2017 survey of 500 pet owners regarding their flea and tick product choices

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