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» 2016 Sales Force Effectiveness Study - November 2016

Leading veterinary manufacturers have field sales forces calling on companion animal veterinarians and these sales organizations represent major costs to companies. Understanding how veterinarians perceive the performance of a company’s sales force in absolute terms and as compared to major competitors is important information to sales management and company top management.

Based on Brakke Consulting’s previous marketing research, we know veterinarians have strong feelings about:

  1. Sales representatives in general,
  2. Which, if any, representatives they will or will not see,
  3. What they expect from representatives, and
  4. What representatives can do that has influenced past purchasing and might influence future purchasing.

Brakke Consulting’s 2016 Sales Force Effectiveness Study includes an in-depth, online survey of 1000 companion animal veterinarians in the U.S. who rated the performance of the 19 largest company sales forces. The report also includes performance comparisons versus the 2014 SFES report for companies evaluated in prior studies.

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