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» Pet Owner Channel Use Study, January 2012

New Pet Owner Buying Behavior Study

Flea control products are proliferating in OTC outlets.  Online sales continue to expand.  Visits to veterinarians continue a decades-long decline.  Are pet owners fundamentally changing their buying behavior?  Are new market segments emerging?

A new multi-user study by Brakke Consulting and The Pert Group will explore these issues in depth with a national survey of 1,000 dog and cat owners.

The report examines purchase frequency by brand and by type of outlet, channel switching, and the importance of convenience, price and veterinary recommendations on buying decisions.

Products included:

 • Wellness and therapeutic pet foods
 • Flea and tick control
 • Heartworm prevention
 • Dental treats and products
 • Pain management and other chronic-use medications
 • Joint health supplements
 • Pet health insurance
 • Boarding and day-care services

The 2012 Pet Owner Channel Use Study is a repeat of the 2008 Pet Owner Channel Use Study, tracking changes in buying behavior versus the earlier research.

For more information, contact project manager John Volk at 773.327.4941 or


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